We are delighted to announce that the CRNZ Board Appointment Panel has confirmed the reappointment of Jan Shearer to the CRNZ Board for a second term, pursuant to clause 14.4 of the CRNZ Constitution.

Jan has been Chair since 2019. We have been grateful for her leadership over the last two years, particularly through the challenging times we experienced in 2020. We look forward to working with Jan for another three years.

In accordance with Clause 16.3 of the Constitution this is formal notice of the 2021 Canoe Racing New Zealand Annual General Meeting.  

1. The date, time and venue for the 2021 AGM are as follows:


Time: 7.00pm

Date: Friday 19 February 2021

Venue: CRNZ High Performance Training Centre, Lake Karapiro

2. Member Club Delegates

Notification of the Delegate(s) of the Member Clubs and Associate Members for the 2021 AGM should be sent to CRNZ by 5pm Friday 12th February 2021.

The approved form for notification of Delegate is below.  Notification of delegates should be sent to CRNZ, PO Box 65451, Mairangi Bay, Auckland or scanned and emailed to 

3.  Elected Board Member – confirmation of previous call for Nominations for two vacancies

As previously advised by notice issued on [19 November 2020], there will be two vacant Elected Board member positions at the 2021 AGM. 

Matt Warren has completed his second three-year term as an Elected Board member. As such, Matt is ineligible for re-election at the 2021 AGM. We are immensely grateful to Matt for his service to CRNZ’s Board. 

Hamish Reid’s first three-year term will end at the 2021 AGM. We are grateful that Hamish has indicated that he is seeking re-election. 

The Board Appointments Panel will review all nominees’ credentials and experience against the Board skills matrix, taking into account CRNZ’s strategic plan and the SportNZ diversity guidelines. This year, no particular skills are required, however financial literacy and/or sports administration and an understanding of the national sports governance framework are preferred qualities.

We call for nominations for these two elected positions. Pursuant to clause 14.5(b), nomination forms should be completed by Member Clubs and forwarded to CRNZ by 5pm, Friday 15 January 2021.

Nomination Forms can be downloaded from the CRNZ website or use the printed form below.

Please note – Nominees must be available for an interview by videoconference, phone or in person with the BAP in  January 2021.

4. Proposed Motions

Pursuant to clause 16.4 of the constitution, the closing date for proposed motions and other items of business for the 2021 AGM is 5pm Friday 15 January 2021.  Proposed motions and other items of business should be sent to CRNZ, PO Box 65451, Mairangi Bay, Auckland or scanned and emailed to

Issued by Tom Ashley, Chief Executive Officer, CRNZ

In accordance with Clause 14.5(a) of the Constitution, this is formal notice of the number of Elected Board member vacancies at the 2021 Canoe Racing New Zealand Annual General Meeting (2021 AGM).

Elected Board Member – call for Nominations for two vacancies

There will be two vacant Elected Board member positions at the 2021 AGM.

For more information and the nomination form click here.

We are inviting applications for the role of Participation Program Contractor in Auckland. This role is funded by Aktive (Sport Auckland) through the Kiwisport fund (which has now been replaced by the Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa Fund).

The contract will run for approximately 8 months, ideally on a full-time basis (depending on the successful applicant). Whilst this role is Auckland-based, our hope is to create and fund a national Participation Lead role to follow on at the conclusion of this contract. As such, a main focus of this contractor position is to develop systems and resources which can be provided to clubs and operators and implemented around NZ.

The main duties of the Participation Program Contractor will be:

  • to provide operational leadership and support to implement the Try, Learn, Explore program, and to coach participants where necessary
  • to develop resources through the pilot phase which can be scaled and applied throughout NZ
  • to develop and deliver a pilot schools paddling competition in Auckland in Autumn 2021

Applicants should send their CV and cover letter to Tom Ashley (CE) at by 5pm on Monday 5 October 2020.

Read more about the role here

CRNZ will be running the National Performance Assessment (NPA) on the 1st and 2nd October 2020 at the HPTC in Karapiro. The assessment will comprise a number of on-water and off-water assessments.  As a guide testing includes the following:

  • 2km TT (timed using Rovers)
  • 300m Test (timed using Rovers)
  • 30sec wingate erg test
  • 1rm max bench press and pull
  • 60s max reps bench pull

The purpose of the National Performance Assessment is to;

  • Provide a learning opportunity for athletes and coaches
  • Benchmark athletes across the performance pathway
  • Gather data to help inform selection for HP squads
  • Analyse and track athletes’ progress over time

The NPA is an important part of the CRNZ performance program and is open to CRNZ Paddle ID, Performance Development, High Performance program athletes and to athletes who are invited by CRNZ based on an application process.

If you have any athletes in your club that are outside of the CRNZ performance pathway programs (PID/PD/HP) that you believe are tracking towards HP program inclusion, could you please complete the attached link or encourage your athlete to complete the form by September 14th 2020. Athletes in PID, PD and HP squads will receive an invitation and do not need to apply.  Following the application process athletes will be invited based on, previous results, current performance levels, capacity and CRNZ approval.

If you are interested in attending the NPA as a coach or in a coach development capacity please get in contact with me. NPA testing is part of the wider PID/PD camp from the 30th September – 4th October 2020.

Further information regarding the NPA will be in the invitation letter.

Please feel free to contact or for further information.

As we mentioned in our July newsletter, CRNZ is implementing a quarterly forum for clubs. The first of these meetings will be held via Zoom at 7:30pm on Tuesday 15 September 2020. The Zoom link for this meeting is

The purpose of this initiative is to build the connection between CRNZ and our clubs, and to create a regular opportunity to discuss ideas and strategies. Part of each meeting will be devoted to updating our community on CRNZ activities, with the remainder of time to be spent on hearing feedback and discussing ideas from our clubs. 

The forums are targeted at club presidents. However, we are happy to welcome up to two representatives per club committee. If the president/chair is unable to attend, he/she is welcome to nominate another committee member to attend in his/her place. There is also an open invitation for CRNZ staff and Board members to attend.

The agenda for the first meeting will be:




Welcome and introductions


Item 1: Purpose of forum – introducing concept


Item 2: HP program update and opportunity to discuss recent Stuff articles


Item 3: New Junior and Schools paddling initiative – presentation and opportunity for initial feedback


Item 4: PFDs for paddling – item put forward by Hawke’s Bay Kayak Racing Club – discussion ahead of CRNZ making submission to Maritime NZ or support for local Harbourmaster exemptions


Opportunity for general discussion, feedback and/or questions



We look forward to seeing as many clubs as possible at the forum.




The 2020 – 2028 CRNZ Strategy sets out a clear vision ‘To be the World’s Best Paddling Nation.’

To achieve our vision, we must have in place a strong performance system with a clear athlete pathway. A structured athlete pathway enables us to identify, track and support athletes as they transition from club paddler to podium performer. The aim of the CRNZ
Performance Pathway is to ensure athletes are in the right environment, receiving the right support, at the right time, in order to maximise the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

The pathway programs has a series of opportunities that give athletes the opportunity to develop and help prepare them to one day transition to the high performance program. Athletes across the pathway will benefit from the provision of coaching expertise, training opportunities, performance support, athlete education, and exposure to high performance environments and practices.

The key competencies of the Foundation, Paddle ID and Performance Development programs are focused around:
• The CRNZ Technical Competencies
• Team Boat Fundamentals
• Building Fundamental Movement Patterns, Sport Specific Strength, Power and Endurance
• Understanding and practicing performance psychology, nutrition and athlete life strategies

Further information on the CRNZ Performance Pathway can be found:

Due to the challenging start to the year we have revised the delivery plan and will continue to adapt throughout 2020-2021. We will be delivering many of the learning opportunities online, while still adapting the face to face training opportunities to maintain safe practices.

Congratulations to the following athletes below who have been selected for the following programs. Additional athletes may enter squads or progress within the pathway throughout the year. Additional athletes may also be invited into training camps throughout the year.

Coaches of athletes in each squad are encouraged to attend the training opportunities/workshops that their athletes are selected for.

Performance Development (Ex Pathway to Podium Program)
Lucy Matehaere – Otago Kayak Racing Club
Olivia Brett – Arawa Canoe Club
Sam Ferkins – Poverty Bay Kayak Club
Julia Padrutt – Waitara Kayak Club
Kalani Gilbertson – North Shore Kayak Club

Paddle ID
Scarlet Old – Waitara Kayak Club
Pieta Luthi – Arawa Canoe Club
Emma Brownlie – Poverty Bay Kayak Club
Mia Roadley – Arawa Canoe Club
Molly Baker- Waitara Kayak Club
Seren Rogers – Poverty Bay Kayak Club
Sophie Brooke – Wanganui Multisport & Triathlon Club
Claudia Rogers – Arawa Canoe Club
Genna Robertson – Poverty Bay Kayak Club
Madison Garrett – Arawa Canoe Club
Brooke Cheyne – Hawkes Bay Kayak Racing Club
Cass Heatherington – Arawa Canoe Club
Jack Clifton – Wanganui Multisport & Triathlon Club
Fletcher Moles – Waitara Kayak Club
Robson Old – Waitara Kayak Club
Jack Wilkinson – Hawkes Bay Kayak Racing Club
Thomas McGibbon – Arawa Canoe Club
Archie Tonks – Karapiro Kayak Racing club
Ethan Matuku – Waitara Kayak Club
Daniel Brown – Hawkes Bay Kayak Racing Club
Alex Hickman – Arawa Canoe Club


Loredana Unsworth – Mana Kayak Racing Club
Aotea Clifton – North Shore Canoe Club
Stacey Warren-Moiser – Poverty Bay Kayak Club
Nikki Graham – Poverty Bay Kayak Club
Alex Fraser – Waitara Kayak Club
Natasha Macgibbon – Arawa Canoe Club
Kate Skeels – Hawkes Bay Kayak Racing Club

Ngarita Mackenzie – Arawa Canoe Club
Sophia Lawson – Hawkes Bay Kayak Racing Club
Michael Esterhuizen – Eastern Bay Canoe Racing Club
Kaden Brock – Waitara Kayak Club
Lachlan Moles – Waitara Kayak Club
Hamish Macky – Hawkes Bay Kayak Racing Club
Will Pittar – Poverty Bay Kayak Club
Kristian Marshall – North Shore Canoe Club
Leon Fuller – Eastern Bay Canoe Racing Club
Zane Mills-Nossiter – Wanganui Multisport & Triathlon Club
Damian Da Silva – Hawkes Bay Kayak Racing Club
Angus Baker – Poverty Bay Kayak Club
Mathew Reihana-Asquith – Eastern Bay Canoe Racing Club
Ben Warren – Mana Kayak Racing Club
Henry Hall – Hawkes Bay Kayak Racing Club



The 2019 CRNZ Annual Report and audited financial statements have been prepared ahead of the AGM.

We have changed the format and layout of the Annual Report from past years. Whilst there is certain information that is included as a matter of compliance, we have also tried to create a document that will serve as a record of the year’s highlights, and hopefully a memento for those who have been successful in the sport each year.



We also attach a document setting out the final draft of the 2020-2028 CRNZ Strategic Plan. This document contains explanatory notes – the final version will be simplified.

The plan has been informed in large part by feedback from our clubs and the paddling community. We have also drawn on our own perspective and those of subject-matter experts, particularly in the high performance space, as well as insights from SportNZ’s research.

This strategy broadens CRNZ’s focus – we have taken on board our community’s consistent feedback that we need to work more on participation and engaging the community. As such, the plan is set out with three pillars – Participation, Performance and Engagement.


Please note that this strategy sets out what we see as our direction for the next 8 years. Some of the goals are very ambitious, so we will not expect to achieve all of them in the first year or two. Each year, we will set priorities and targets. Management’s reporting to the Board, and our annual report each year, will set out our progress against those targets and our priorities for the following year.

As always, we welcome your views on this strategy. Any urgent feedback can be raised at the AGM on Friday 14 February, or emailed to Tom Ashley (

There is an exciting weekend of paddling coming up. Sprint paddlers will be racing at the Sprint Nationals in Karapiro. At the same time, the surfski community will be lining up in Nelson for the King and Queen of the Bay, which is the fourth race in the Darcy Price Surfski Series. We wish everyone competing (and supporting) the best of luck for a fun and successful weekend.

Best regards,

Tom Ashley


25 November 2019

The CRNZ Canoe Sprint competition rules have been updated to align with the new ICF rule book as they apply to the racing environment in New Zealand.  The CRNZ rules contain variations to the  ICF rules as marked up in blue.

CRNZ Rules

25 October 2019

CRNZ are looking at a proposed new strategic direction to promote participation in paddling. We believe this responds to the wishes of our members and fulfills our responsibilities as set out in CRNZ’s Constitution. It will also help us to become a more sustainable organisation, less reliant on HPSNZ funding. We believe that we can continue to do what we currently do well (that is, high performance sprint kayaking, and running great sprint kayaking events in NZ), but also build a strong, vibrant sport. In order to do this, we are proposing a new strategy with three pillars: Performance, Participation and Engagement/Connectivity.

We seek input from our sporting community by 20 November 2019.  All feedback welcome.