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About canoe racing
New Zealand (cRNz)

Kiwis love to be in, on and around the water.  Paddling in all it’s forms has been part of our culture since our early beginnings. 

Canoe Racing, incorporating Sprint, Marathon and Surf Ski paddling, embodies that connection to the water by offering both racing and recreational paddling opportunities across the country.  

We have a proud history of international success at the highest levels of the sport and we are committed to building on that success.  Equally we want to encourage paddling for the sheer enjoyment – incorporating racing and social events and building a community of paddling enthusiasts.

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Insight into a champion

Lisa Carrington’s documentary series crafted with the help of Under Armour and Southern Cross offers a fascinating insight into the mindset of a champion athlete. Here are a raft of things the four-part mini-series reveal about the two-time Olympic and ten-time world champion paddler.

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The Coaches Voice

CRNZ organised a series of Coaching Workshops around the country from July through to September focusing on technical development. We speak to a trio of coaches who attended the workshops for their feedback.

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