Do you have a question or need support?

  1. Have a browse through the FAQs for an answer
  2. Check out the User/Paddler or Administrator Guides
  3. Contact your Club Membership Manager, or
  4. Raise a question through “My Enquires” on the portal, or
  5. Contact Canoe Racing New Zealand via email: 

General FAQs

  1. Go to the CRNZ Club Membership and Paddler Portal (Click Here).
  2. Click sign up.
  3. Add your personal information, add your club.
  4. Receive an email from your club asking for you to verify your account.

For further support please read the setting up a user profile guide

Any person can create an account.

On user registration you will be asked to add a club. This is optional and not needed to create a user profile. once you have a a profile you can enter events and workshops, purchase from the shop and manage your qualifications and credentials. 

Any person can create  a user profile.

Once you have a user profile, Users can then access and manage the following through the CRNZ Club Membership & Paddler Portal:


Enter Events, Courses and Workshops

Users can enter events, education workshops and courses via the portal. 

Try Learn Explore programme management including registration, payment and TLE approval will be via the portal.


Manage Coaching, Officials and Volunteer Awards

All coach, officials and volunteer qualification and awards will be managed in the Portal. Individual profiles will contain a record of your education. Digital passes will be issued as evidence of a Coaching / Officials /Volunteer awards.

The NZ Police Vetting process can also be processed via the portal.


Purchase Club Membership

Clubs will be able to set up club memberships for paddlers to purchase via the portal

If clubs utilise the full feature list, paddlers will be able to purchase memberships, pay online, auto-renew, pay via payment plans and manage club related information.

NB: Clubs have the option to use the system to manage membership purchasing. 


Purchase from the Shop

Users will be able to purchase from the e-commerce shop.


If you have a question that isn’t answered in any of the guides, are experiencing an issue or need additional support please:

  • User or Administrator Guides on CRNZ website
  • Contact your Club Membership Manager, or
  • Raise a question through “My Enquires” on the portal, or
  • Contact Canoe Racing New Zealand via email: 

If you already have an account most of the time resetting your password will resolve any issues.

If you don’t remember your password at any point, you can try using the reset password feature. You will need to make sure that you have your username correct in the field before hitting the reset button otherwise the system will not be able to send a link for the correct account.

Your username is usually either your email address or Membership ID number. If you’re not sure what this is, you can contact your club membership manager or CRNZ at to check or ask for this to be updated.

  1. Click on the event, workshop or course
  2. Log in or create a user profile
  3. Add a ticket
  4. Enter any n event information
  5. Continue to cart and payment even if the event is $0

For further information please read the User Guide

There is no app, it will all be done via weblink.

The portal has been mobile rendered for use on the mobile screen.

You are able to pay for your membership by credit or debit card.

You can manage these by logging into your account and clicking on the ’email comms’ tab.

From here you will able to review the opt-ins you have selected.

Each Member Club must appoint a Membership Manager when applying for club affiliation who, if authorised by, is responsible for the access, use and disclosure of Member Information of its Member Club’s members.

Please contact

Who is the technology provider that we are using? 

JustGo is the technology platform that we will be using.

JustGo have: 

  • Nearly 100 Governing Body customers across the globe British Canoeing, Paddle Australia, Surfing Australia, Triathlon Australia 
  • 2.5million+ individual members 4700+ clubs 
  • Over 68 sports represented
  • International presence and learning from this extensive customer community 
  • 24 x 5 dedicated support team to support clubs 

For further information about JustGo refer to 

Any person can create an account. On registration you will be asked to add a club. This only links the club membership options for you to be able to purchase.

Some clubs will use a stem different membership system and may not have set up a membership purchasing option. 

You will still be able to enter events and workshops, purchase from the shop and manage your qualifications and credentials. 

Credential FAQs

A credential is a record that is saved against your name. They are used on the system as records of learning, challenges and qualifications.

For example you will be given the PaddleAble Theory Credential for attending the PaddleAble Theory Workshop.

Users can upload first aid certificated to have this approved as part of the Try Learn Explore Coaching Award. 

Follow the instructions in this User guide.

If this does not resolve this issue please contact 




Known Issues

Below you will find current information and advice regarding any known issues for the Canoe Racing New Zealand Club Membership & Paddler Portal.
If you are experiencing an issue that is not listed below, please report it to Canoe Racing New Zealand via email:


Below are updates and/or changes to Canoe Racing New Zealand Club Membership & Paddler Portal. Where required, guides have been updated and are linked.

Planned Upgrades in 2024

  • Upgrade in User Experience – UX (look and feel of the site)

  • Automated Police Vetting Adapters

  • 2FA – Multi Factor Authentication

  • Online Learning Portal – Sport NZ Sportstutor integration

  • Full Xero Integration 

  • Coach Finder

  • Postcode/Address Lookup Service

  • Updated Reporting Functions

  • New Event Management

    •  Multi event/session functions to allow multiple event discount