Introducing the CRNZ Club Membership and Paddler Portal

Canoe Racing New Zealand are excited to launch the CRNZ Club Membership and Paddler Portal -a centralised digital platform that is your one stop shop for managing club memberships, entering events, registering for workshops and courses and managing coaching, officiating and volunteering qualifications.

The Paddler Portal has been developed as part of our ongoing strategy to improve the processes, systems and experiences in our sport, and align our sport better with changing regulatory requirements and best practices.

CRNZ affiliated clubs will be able to manage their clubs on the portal which will allow their members to join, review and manage their membership with the club digitally via the portal, as well as set up events, have their own e-shop and much more. CRNZ have been and will continue to work with clubs to support them to get the most they can out of this portal.

CRNZ will be rolling out the new platform and its features gradually to clubs and the paddling community. We are excited to bring you on the journey as we aim to bring our sport up to the next level.

So what changes will you see and experience?


The first major change you will see is our new-look event calendar.
This event calendar will show all upcoming paddling events, courses and workshops for coaches, officials, volunteers or paddlers all in one place. Events will be created and are able to be entered and paid for through the portal.

Clubs can use the portal to create their own event calendar on their websites and set up their own events which can be automatically added to the CRNZ event calendar.

To enter an event via the Portal, you will first need to create your personal log-in and profile. Click here to see how to enter an event or course via the portal.


Qualifications and credentials
The portal will be a place where CRNZ, clubs and users can view, add and manage credentials and qualifications for our paddlers, coaches, officials and volunteers.

Over the next couple of months, CRNZ will contact coaches, officials and volunteers in our current database and begin the process of setting up user profiles and uploading credentials and qualifications in the system.


Club Memberships
Some clubs will start to use the Portal to process and manage their club memberships. Your club committee’s and membership managers will inform and update you on this process when they transition to the new system.


Keen to get involved? Go to the Portal and create your user profile to get started.

See more information on the paddler portal including user guides (for both users and club admins) and help information.

If you have any questions or need support, please contact the CRNZ team:

Aaron Osborne (Project Manager)-
Danika Mowlem (Participation & Engagement Lead) –
Graham Oberlin-Brown (CE) –