Tikitapu 2 Sprint Regatta


Feb 10 - Feb 11

08:00 am - 05:30 pm




Karen Simpson-Warren

This is the second of the Canoe Racing NZ Sprint regattas held at Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake) in Rotorua each summer season. This event is a divisional event, meaning paddlers race in divisions based on ability rather than ages groups. This allows for close competitive racing for all paddlers, no matter your age or ability.

Tikitapu 2 will race distances of 200m and 500m. There will be one all comers 1000m race. 500m races will be raced on Saturday and 200m events mainly raced on Sunday (dependent on numbers).

The 2.5 / 5k races will be run as two mass starts at the end of the regatta.  The 2.5k (junior) distance will have a portage with paddles only, and the 5k race will have a portage with boat and paddle.

Event Guide Tikitapu 2, 2024

Canoe Sprint Race Guide

Remember to download the Canoe Racing NZ app for up to the minute progressions and results.

Club Relay:  6 members per team must consist of at least 3 females; 2 x U16 or younger, 2 x U18, 2 x Open.  The mix is up to you.  In all cases, younger paddlers are permitted but not older.  Each competitor races a 100m leg.  The next person may start once the nose of the predecessor passes the nose of their boat.

Mixed K2 (Junior and Senior): The Junior mixed K2 must consist of one male and one female aged 16 or under.  The Senior Mixed K2 must consist of one male and one female aged 17 or older.

Mixed 12&U and 14&U races:  12&U – Any combination of male/female paddlers is allowed.  14&U just need at least one paddler of a different gender.

Fun Choc K4:  1x14U, 1x16U,1x18U,1xOpen).  Must be 50/50 male/female. Chocolate prizes awarded.

Entry Information:

Entries have now closed. Any queries can be directed to karen.simpson@canoeracing.org.nz 

Race Schedule and Draw

2024-Tikitapu 2 Lane Draw-v4  Updated 7/2/24 Team Managers Meeting

Tikitapu 2 Programme v4  Updated 7/2/24 Team Managers Meeting

Tikitapu 2 – Progressions for K1 divisional races

Event Guide Tikitapu 2, 2024

Anti-Doping- It’s more fun when it is fair

Canoe Racing NZ is committed to clean sport. We believe in protecting the health of our athletes, the integrity of our sport and the spirit of clean competition in which the best succeed.

Sports Anti-doping rules apply to all competitors, regardless of skill or ability level.

We are encouraging all entrants to get the 101 on clean sport with Drug Free Sport New Zealand (DFSNZ). Clean Sport 101 is an award-winning e-learning module that takes you on a journey through key clean sport concepts in just 15-minutes. Find out what ‘clean sport’ means and what YOU can do to support it. Explore now at drugfreesport.org.nz/e-learning.

To ensure you are up to date on antidoping rules and regulations find out more at https://www.canoeracing.org.nz/performance/drug-free-sport/