Events are a fantastic way to promote your club to the community and are a great opportunity to get more paddlers, parents or anyone involved. Not to mention the opportunity for your own members to compete of course!   The majority of the work for an event is in the planning and key to planning is ensuring that all those who have been assigned tasks know how to do them on the day!


Planning is about deciding what kind of event your club wants, be it a sprint race, a family fun day, a long distance event etc. There are a number of areas to cover when you are planning an event. 


Do you have the right people in the right places? Do you have enough volunteers to host the event? What areas need volunteers – carparking, safety boats, registration, timekeeping etc


Can you communicate to the race officials on and off the water at all times? What channel should the radios be on? Have you notified the coastguard or harbourmaster?


Is the venue suitable? Will the toilet facilities cater for the number of people? Do you have an indoor area for a prize-giving? 


Does your event need approval by the local council, iwi and/or harbourmaster?  Best to contact them to make sure your event doesn’t clash with another.


A safety plan is essential, particularly as our events are on water. You will need to ensure you have the appropriate people and resources (boats etc) to fulfil your safety plan, so write it carefully and realistically.


Are the conditions safe? Do you have enough support boats? Are there any other events on that day? Where is the nearest hospital? Do you have someone with a current first aid certificate on site?


A list of equipment you may require is included in the Event Checklist above. 


It is recommended that clubs have liability insurance. Any event run as a Canoe Racing NZ sanctioned national event (for example Marathon Championships) are covered by Canoe Racing NZs liability insurance.