Upcoming Performance Coach Development Opportunities

We are excited to offer a range of upcoming development opportunities focused for our aspiring and current Performance and High Performance coaches.

If you are interested or wanting to apply for any of the programmes below you must express your interest by completing the following form or contact Aaron Osborne or Emily Willock before 9th October 2023. Please CLICK HERE to complete the form for any of the opportunities below.


 2023 CRNZ Coaches Conference

After a few years of travel disruptions we are pleased to be delivering the 2023 CRNZ Coaches Conference in person. Registrations are now open.

Click here for initial information and click here to register for the conference.
Further details to come.

Travel subsidy- As part of supporting our Performance coaches to attend the conference we have a travel subsidy for eligible coaches to apply to.

To be eligible for the subsidy, coaches must be: Coaching at a performance or HP level or aspiring to coach at a performance level. Coaches will need to have a clear and updated Individual Development Plans and be communicating with CRNZ regarding their development needs.


HPSNZ Core Knowledge Programme (CKP)

Core Knowledge is an High Performance Sport NZ supported national initiative for coach development where Coaches participation is endorsed through their NSO. The aim is to ensure that athletes gain the benefit of a holistic and integrated approach from coaches who understand and manage the complexity of their craft. Core Knowledge is a workshop-based program using adult-learning theory to raise awareness and discuss content across three domains and eight integrated themes.

Core Knowledge programme is open for: Coaches with athletes on the NZ Performance Pathway who are coaching pre-HP and/or HP athletes. Performance coaches who intend to transition into the HP space. Athletes at the later stage of their career keen to pursue a career in coaching, or athletes who have recently retired and who have transitioned into coaching.


Coach and Manager roles- Expressions of Interest requested

CRNZ is calling for Expressions of Interest from those wishing to be part of a Performance level leadership team. We are seeking Coaches and Managers to support the Performance Pathway, Asia Pacific Cup Campaign and the U18/U23 World Championship Campaign. Please indicate your areas of interest and expertise you bring to the position on the link above.


CRNZ Performance Coach Development Scholarship

CRNZ has identified the need to have great coaches delivering a high standard of coaching across the whole system. The Performance Coach Development Scholarship is seeking to enable more performance coaches develop. CRNZ also wants to support our coaches aspirations to pursue a career in performance or high performance coaching. To do so, CRNZ, will provide a support including:

  • Support to developing, updating and refining performance development plans
  • Utilisation of the Performance Coach Development Scholarship, to enable practical coach development opportunities in performance and high performance environments
  • Support from Canoe Racing NZ to facilitate your development based off your performance development plan;
  • HPSNZ core knowledge programme
  • CRNZ coach development workshop opportunities

Coaches must be: Coaching at a performance or HP level or aspiring to coach at a performance level. Coaches will need to have a clear and updated Individual Development Plans and be communicating with CRNZ regarding their development needs.


Te Hāpaitanga

Te Hāpaitanga is a holistic coach development initiative enabling more females to pursue and maintain careers in high performance coaching in New Zealand.

The 18-month initiative provides a range of opportunities for a number of future female high performance coaches to test and develop their coaching capability, and to develop new skills to navigate a complex and challenging career in high performance sport. Te Hāpaitanga

  • CONNECTS emerging female coaches with their peers, and established female high performance coaches, to provide mentoring and inspiration.
  • ACCELERATES the growth and development of emerging female coaches by mitigating challenges to a career in high performance coaching.
  • INTEGRATES both an identified national sporting organisation (NSO) Sponsor and an experienced coach mentor into the coach’s development journey for access to resources, knowledge and experiences.

Applications are open to women who are coaching in both paid (full-time, part-time or contract) or unpaid coaching positions, and HPSNZ encourages women from diverse backgrounds, including those who identify as Maori and/or Pasifika, to apply.
Find more details about Te Hāpaitanga | Click here


Complete the online form or contact Aaron Osborne or Emily Willock if you are interested or would like to discuss these opportunities further.