I understand that paddling is an inherently dangerous sport that can entail serious risks. Whilst CRNZ takes all care to provide a safe paddling experience, I acknowledge that I participate at my own risk and must be an active participant in my own safety and that of other paddlers. I waive any right to a claim of any kind, including for damage to property, against CRNZ, its officers, employees and/or representatives, even if loss or damage results from negligence.

Without restricting the above, I also relinquish the right to any appeal against Canoe Racing New Zealand, its officers, employees and/or representatives resulting from a decision on their part, regardless of the nature of this decision. 


I authorise CRNZ and/or its staff, associates or subcontractors to use photos, video and other media for any promotional, educational or other related uses. I also authorize CRNZ to permit the use and display of photographs and/or recordings in any publication, multimedia production, including video and web usage, display, or advertisement.

This consent discharges CRNZ, its agents, officers and employees from all future claims arising from the use of said photographs/media, including any claims for invasion of privacy or defamation.


This waiver and consent must be signed by a person aged 18 or over. Persons under 18 must have this waiver and consent read signed by a parent or legal guardian. In this case, the person signing must ensure that the minor has read and understands the above.