Raising Funds for Kayak Clubs Post Cyclone

Canoe Racing New Zealand have set up a Give-a-little page to raise money for our fellow paddlers in Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay after the devastating Cyclone Gabrielle. The funds will go directly to the Poverty Bay Kayak Club and Hawkes Bay Kayak Racing Club who will decide the best use to help their club and community.


The Poverty Bay Kayak Club had water right up to head height in their sheds. They removed some boats from lower racks prior, but couldn’t anticipate it reaching the level that it did. Unfortunately the remaining boats filled with silt from the water, causing them to snap from the weight (around 20 boats need fixing or replacing). They’re needing to rebuild their jetty steps, replace roller doors, re-gib stairs and sheds, level the lawn and more. Unfortunately for a club like this insurance isn’t affordable so they need all the financial help they can get to get paddlers back on the water.

At least a couple of families from the club have lost homes due to flood damage.

Check out the first look at the clubrooms post-flooding here https://www.facebook.com/730898057/videos/1334924983720748/

Hawke’s Bay Kayak Racing Club was incredibly lucky to avoid major damage to their club facilities, but many of their paddlers homes and livelihoods have suffered significantly.

Use of funds

Repairs to club rooms/facilities, replacement of equipment, distributed to members affected.

Any donations to help ease the burden and give them some hope in this tough time would be greatly appreciated- Donate Now
CRNZ will match donations up to a total of $2,000 and are helping the clubs directly with any equipment and access to help that we can.