South Island Marathon Championships


Aug 16

08:00 am - 02:00 pm


Lake Hood


021 298 5111

Dayle Mackenzie

The South Island Marathon Championships takes place on Lake Hood – about 10mins South East of Ashburton in mid Canterbury on Sunday August 16.

Created as a water sports park, Lake Hood has a main lake approx 2.5km long and a subdivision on its shores with canals allowing boats access to the owners property.

The race utilises the lake and the canals.

The start/finish is at the Ashburton Rowing Club about three quarters of the way up the lake. Paddlers head south down the lake, then turn into the canals and follow a meandering route eventually returning  to the lake and then back up to the rowing club.

K1 paddlers will portage at the end of each lap, whilst other paddlers are not required to.

Each lap is close to five kilometres, so a variety of different distances are built into the race to suit the paddler’s age and abilities. Only those completing the full Marathon distance and portaging are eligible for the marathon title.

The race was held last year with about 50 paddlers attending. It is hoped to grow the event and marathon paddling in general in the South Island to the point where we can create a southern series.

If any North Island paddlers would like to come down, boats can be made available given sufficient notice.

Entries can be made via the Arawa Canoe Club Website and Facebook Page.