Blue Lake 2


Dec 04 - Dec 05


Lake Tikitapu, Rotorua


027 4445596

Karen Simpson-Warren


The following is mandatory at this event:

  • Vaccination Certificates and photo ID for all attending the event. It is the club’s responsibility to check all attendees vaccination status. Checks will also be done at the event and any who do not comply will be asked to leave the event.
  • We will be operating 3 Zones (Red, Blue, Pink).
  • All attending stay within their allocated “Zones” and wear appropriate coloured wrist bands.  No mixing between Zones. Anyone not wearing a wrist band will be asked to leave the event.  Only designated Officals can transverse through the zones and these will be wearing Officials Uniforms rather than wrist bands.
  • Numbers are strictly limited. Only those registered to attend the event will be permitted on site.  This will be checked during the event.
  • Competitors progress through their “Zone” race control only.  Do not go through another Zone’s race control.
  • Face Masks worn except when on the water warming up/cooling down and competing.
  • 1m social distancing.

FULL EVENT INFORMATION:  Information 1 – BL2 2021

FULL EVENT H&S:  Level 2 Traffic Light health and safety

LANE DRAW:      BL2-Lane-Draw-v3-All-Days

PROGRAMME:  BL2 2021 Programme -2



This is the second of the Blue Lake regattas held at Lake Tikitapu in Rotorua.  Catering for all age groups, this event will give distances of 100m, 200m, 500m and 1000m depending on age groups.   Boats will be made up of K1s, K2s and K4s.

500m / 1000m will be raced on Saturday and 200m  mainly be raced on Sunday.

Race Guide

Remember to download the Canoe Racing NZ app for up to the minute progressions and results.

Entries have now CLOSED.

DivisionMember feeUnaffiliated Fee
Novice, Tyros, U14

U16, U18








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