CRNZ Performance Pathway Squads 2023/24

Canoe Racing NZ are pleased to announce the Performance Pathway squads for 2023-2024.

Canoe Racing New Zealand (CRNZ) has a rich history winning multiple Olympic and World Championship Medals. Not only do we want to continue this success, but we want to develop a sustainable high performance environment that consistently produces podium winning athletes.

To achieve our vision, we must have in place a strong performance system with a clear athlete pathway. A structured athlete pathway enables us to identify, track and support athletes as they transition from club paddler to podium performer. 

The aim of the CRNZ Performance Pathway is to ensure athletes are in the right environment, receiving the right support, at the right time, in order to maximise the opportunity to achieve their full potential. 

Based on the characteristics, needs, and considerations specific to each stage of development, CRNZ has designed corresponding Performance Pathway Programs. 

The pathway programs has a series of opportunities that give athletes the opportunity to develop and help prepare them to one day transition to the high performance program. Athletes across the pathway will benefit from the provision of coaching expertise, training opportunities, performance support, athlete education, and exposure to high performance environments and practices. 

The key competencies of the Foundation, Paddle ID and Performance Development programs are focused around: 

  • The CRNZ Technical Competencies 
  • Team Boat Fundamentals 
  • Building Fundamental Movement Patterns, Sport Specific Strength, Power and Endurance 
  • Understanding and practicing performance psychology, nutrition and athlete life strategies 

Canoe Racing NZ would like to congratulate and welcome the following paddlers who have selected to be part of the CRNZ Performance Pathway Programs 2023-2024:


Performance Development Squad:
Natasha MacGibbon, Arawa Canoe Club
Thomas MacGibbon, Arawa Canoe Club
Daniel Brown, Hawkes Bay Kayak Racing Club
Emma Kemp, Mana Kayak Club
Grant Clancy, North Shore Canoe Club
Greer Morley, North Shore Canoe Club
Kacey Ngataki, North Shore Canoe Club
Fletcher Moles, Waitara Kayak Club


Paddle ID squad:
Chloe Ah Kuoi, Arawa Canoe Club
Dylan Monk, Arawa Canoe Club
Isla Joyce, Arawa Canoe Club
Liam Rogers, Arawa Canoe Club
Madison Garrett, Arawa Canoe Club
Stella Crossan, Arawa Canoe Club
Tiago Chamberlain, Arawa Canoe Club
Hannah Baxter, Eastern Bay Canoe Racing Club
Holly Rowland, Eastern Bay Canoe Racing Club
Jessica Cleghorn, Eastern Bay Canoe Racing Club
Oscar Jarvis, Hawkes Bay Kayak Racing Club
Logan Ferguson, Karapiro Kayak Racing Club
Sophia Lawson, Karapiro Kayak Racing Club
Kaiha Gilbertson, North Shore Canoe Club
Angus Baker, Poverty Bay Kayak Club
Hannah Webb, Poverty Bay Kayak Club
Matt McKendry, Poverty Bay Kayak Club
Maxwell Kennedy, Poverty Bay Kayak Club
Poppy Barnes, Waitara Kayak Club
Emma Brimelow, Waitara Kayak Club
Angus Sewell, Whanganui Kayak Club


Foundation Squad:
Callum Gard, Arawa Canoe Club
Flynn McGuinness, Arawa Canoe Club
Leah McCallum, Arawa Canoe Club
Lewis Monk, Arawa Canoe Club
Livia Brookes, Arawa Canoe Club
Sammie Fowler, Arawa Canoe Club
Sam McAlister, Arawa Canoe Club
Charles Mayston, Bay of Plenty Paddle Sports
Kadin Nogaj, Bay of Plenty Paddle Sports
Julien da Silva, Hawkes Bay Kayak Club
Payton Quartel, Hawkes Bay Kayak Club
Briana Trewern, Mana Kayak Club
Shinnosuke Koide, North Shore Canoe Club
Jacqueline Kennedy, Poverty Bay Kayak Club
Ollie Egan, Poverty Bay Kayak club
Mia Padrutt, Waitara Kayak Club
Noah Andrews, Waitara Kayak Club
Sage Piebenga, Waitara Kayak Club
Addison O’Leary, Whanganui Kayak Club