Cheers Coach- Guide to kickstart your coaching journey

Has Cheers Coach Week inspired you to dive in to the world of coaching??  We have pulled together this quick guide of tips and tools available to kickstart your journey to becoming a Canoe Racing NZ coach.

Join the CRNZ Coach Register
This will keep you up to date on upcoming Coach Development workshops and opportunities to continuously enhance your knowledge, skills and understanding. CRNZ offer a range of development opportunities across all the areas that are important for being a great coach.

Sign up for a Try Learn Explore Coach Workshop
This workshop will help you to understand best practice around creating and ensuring a safe and enjoyable coaching environment to facilitate a lifelong love of paddling in your paddlers. Tell us if you want one in your club/region.

Find a coach mentor and tag along
Ask a coach your admire and respect if you can shadow and observe them in action.

Check out the great CRNZ Coaching Resources
Did you know CRNZ has development a bunch of coaching manuals and videos to help our coaches? These are available on the website. Check these out to grow your know how and add a few tools to your tool kit. P.S these are great for paddlers wanting to improve their skills too!

Get coaching!
The best way to learn is to do it so tell your club/coach you are keen to help out and they can get you out on the water. Start off by assisting another coach and coach under supervision to build your skills and confidence.

Coaching is all about nurturing a love for the sport, sharing knowledge and experience, and helping others to achieve their goals and dreams . If this sounds like you, get going on some of the above and head to our website for  more information: