Canoe Racing New Zealand and SwoleFoods announce exciting new partnership

Canoe Racing New Zealand (CRNZ) is thrilled to announce a dynamic new partnership with SwoleFoods, marking a significant collaboration in the world of sports nutrition and athletic performance. 

As part of this exciting venture, SwoleFoods will proudly serve as the Official Ready-Made Meal Sponsor of CRNZ, providing essential fuel and sustenance to the nation’s high-performance paddlers as they embark on the final stages of their Paddle to Paris campaign.

The partnership between CRNZ and SwoleFoods represents a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and the pursuit of sporting success. With SwoleFoods dedication to crafting nutritious, high-quality meals tailored for peak performance, CRNZ athletes can now access premium fuel to support their rigorous training regimes and competitive endeavors.

“We are thrilled to welcome SwoleFoods into the CRNZ family as our Official Ready-Made Meal Sponsor,” said Graham Oberlin-Brown, CEO of Canoe Racing NZ. “As our athletes prepare to take on the challenge of their international campaigns, having access to the SwoleFoods nutritious and convenient meals will undoubtedly enhance their performance and fuel their journey towards success.”

SwoleFoods is equally enthusiastic about the partnership, seeing it as an opportunity to support elite athletes in achieving their goals.

”We started this company with a simple idea: to help people eat better, feel stronger, and live healthier lives.” said Taran Machra, Managing Director of SwoleFoods.

“Teaming up with Canoe Racing New Zealand feels like a huge step forward for us, and honestly, it’s a bit humbling. We’re just so excited to support these incredible athletes as they prepare for Paris. Our goal has always been to create meals that are not only nutritious but also inspire and fuel the spirit of champions. This partnership is a testament to that mission, and we’re committed to giving it our all. Together, with CRNZ, we’re on this amazing journey, and we can’t wait to see where it leads.”

With both organisations committed to pushing the boundaries of sporting achievement, the partnership between CRNZ and SwoleFoods promises to be a catalyst for success in the upcoming Paddle to Paris campaign and beyond.

To celebrate the partnership, SwoleFoods is offering a special promotion to friends of CRNZ. Customers can enjoy 10% off their meals using the code “PADDLER” at checkout.

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