ASIA PACIFIC SPRINT CUP | Results & Schedule

Day One Results

Race 1 – Women K4 U21 500m Final
3rd Place – Claudia Rogers, Emma Brownlie, Jess Marquet, Scarlett Old

Race 6 – Women K4 U18 500 Final
2nd Place – Isla Joyce, Genna Robertson, Natasha MacGibbon, Brieanna Cox

Race 7 – Men K1 U18 1000 – Heats (Final is 1pm 1/10/2022)
Heat One
3rd Place – Angus Sewell
4th Place – Damien da Silva
Heat Two
2nd Place – Logan Ferguson

Race 11 – Men K2 U18 500 Final
5th Place – Zane Mills-Nossiter, Damien da Silva
7th Place – Angus Sewell, Kaiha Gilbertson
9th Place – Tiago Chamberlain, Logan Ferguson

Race 13 – Women K2 U18 500 Final
3rd Place – Isla Joyce, Natasha MacGibbon
6th Place – Jessica Cleghorn, Brieanna Cox
7th Place – Madison Garrett, Genna Robertson

Race 14 – Men K4 U21 500 Final
1st Place – Fletcher Moles, Jonty Laver, Thomas MacGibbon, Sam Ferkins

Race 16 – Men K1 U21 1000m Final
2nd Place – Thomas Mac Gibbon (also came second in his heat)
4th Place – Jonty Laver (came 3rd in his heat)
8th Place – Sam Ferkins (came 3rd in heat)

Race 19 – Women K1 U21 500 Final
6th Place – Emma Brownlie (came 4th in her heat)
8th Place – Jess Marquet (came 4th in her heat)
9th Place – Claudia Rogers (came 5th in her heat)


Day 2 Results

Race 22 – MK1 U18 1000 Final
6th Place – Damien da Silva
7th Place – Angus Sewell
9th Place – Logan Ferguson

Race 23 – MK2 U21 500 Final
2nd Place – Fletcher Moles, Jonty Laver
3rd Place – Thomas MacGibbon, Sam Ferkins

Race 26 – WK1 U18 500 Final
2nd Place – Natasha MacGibbon

Race 28 – WK2 U21 500 Final
4th Place – Emma Brownlie, Jess Marquet,
5th Place – Claudia Rogers, Scarlett Old

Race 29 – Mixed K4 U18 200 Final
5th Place – Angus Sewell, Zane Mills-Nossiter, Genna Robertson, Brieanna Cox

Race 37 – Mixed K4 U21 200 Final
4th Place – Jonty Laver, Scarlett Old, Genna Robertson, Kaiha Gilbertson

Race 39 – MK1 U18 500 Final
6th Place – Tiago Chamberlain (also came 3rd in his heat)
7th Place – Damien da Silva (also came 3rd in his heat – Logan Ferguson placed 6th in the same heat)

Race 40 – MK1 U21 500 Final
3rd Place – Thomas MacGibbon (also came 1st in his heat)
4th Place – Fletcher Moles (also came 2nd in his heat)
9th Place – Sam Ferkins (also came 3rd in his heat)

Race 44 – WK1 U21 200 Final
7th Place – Emma Brownlie (also came 4th in her heat)
8th Place – Jess Marquet (also came 4th in her heat – Claudia Rogers placed 5th in the same heat)


Day 3 Schedule:
Team relays. NZ have athletes in the following races:

1.40pm – K1 Relay Mens U18 (Tiago Chamberlain, Angus Sewell, Zane Mills-Nossiter, Kaiha Gilbertson)

2.00pm – K1 Relay Womens U18 (Natasha MacGibbon, Genna Robertson, Isla Joyce, Madison Garrett)

2.20pm – K1 Relay Mens U21 (Thomas MacGibbon, Jonty Laver, Sam Ferkins, Fletcher Moles)

2.40pm – K1 Relay Womens U21 (Emma Brownlie, Jess Marquet, Claudia Rogers, Scarlett Old)

3.20pm – Mixed Mega Relay (Jessica Cleghorn, Brieanna Cox, Damien da Silva, Scarlett Old, Zane Mills-Nossiter, Sam Ferkins)

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