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Events Calendar Kayak Krazy 10km Series - WAITEMATA

Saturday, 11 May 2019 12:00 a.m.

This is a leg of the 10km Series hosted by clubs around the country. Race just for fun or join in on two races plus the champs to be eligible for a series win and the top spot prize of $1000 international travel!... More»»

Blog Topic IconKayak Krazy Results - Mana

The second race of the 10km series was held on Porirua Harbour on Sunday with a small but feisty group of competitors who snuck in just before the bad weather hit. ... More»»

Blog Topic IconKayak Krazy 10km Race - Mana

The Mana 10km race was held in challenging conditions on Sunday but did not spoil some great racing. ... More»»

HTML IconKayak Krazy Results

View updated results from the latest Kaytak Krazy events and past events... More»»

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