6 October 2016

 2016/2017 New Zealand Sprint Kayak High Performance Athletes

Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected to the CRNZ High Performance Programme.


  • Aimee Fisher 
  • Briar McLeely 
  • Britney Ford 
  • Caitlin Ryan 
  • Elise Legarth 
  • Jaimee Lovett 
  • Kayla Imrie 
  • Kim Thompson 
  • Rebecca Cole 
  • Lisa Carrington


  • Ben Tinnelly 
  • Benjamin Duffy 
  • Craig Simpkins 
  • Jaimie Banhidi 
  • Kurtis Imrie 
  • Martin McDowell 
  • Max Brown 
  • Taris Harker 
  • William Wilkins

Through centralisation these athletes will work with their respective CRNZ HP Coaches (Rene Olsen, Gordon Walker, Frederic Loyer), creating adedicated performance environment to provide them with the necessary support for international success in 2017 and beyond.

For further information please contact Greg Owen – High Performance Director on (021) 524 772 or myself on (021) 132 4519.

Mark Weatherall
Chief Executive Officer




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