1.Commencement: This Regulation was adopted by the Board on TBC in accordance with Rule 23 of the Canoe Racing NZ Constitution. It came into force on TBC and applied until the conclusion of the 2017 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships. 

2.Scope: This Regulation sets out the procedure and criteria for selecting a Team to attend the 2017 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships to be held in Pieterartz, South Africa - September 2017. This Regulation applies to all U18 (Juniors, in accordance to ICF rules), U23, Open and Masters Athletes (male and female). 

3.Eligibility: To be eligible for selection to the Team, an Athlete must comply with all of the following:

a.An Athlete or crew must compete in the event for which they are wishing to be considered for selection at the 2017 New Zealand National Kayak Marathon Championships to be held in Porirua Harbour, Wellington 8th of April 2017 ( NZ Marathon National Championship).

b. Junior Athletes seeking selection must compete in the U18 classes at the National Kayak Marathon Championship in Porirua Harbour, Wellington.

c. be eligible to represent New Zealand at the 2017 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships (which status is to be determined in accordance with the applicable rules of that event); 

d. fully complete and return to Canoe Racing NZ an Athlete Application Form by midnight 5 April 2017

e. fully complete and return to Canoe Racing NZ an Athlete Agreement by the date specified by  Canoe Racing NZ, unless otherwise agreed by the Chief Executive;

f. not be in breach of (or under investigation for any breach of) any part of the Sports Anti-Doping Act 2006, the Canoe Racing NZ Anti-Doping Regulation, or the WADA Code; and

g. agree that, if selected, they will pay all costs associated with their attendance at the 2017 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships as determined by Canoe Racing NZ.

4. Process 

4.1 Athletes or Crews who finish first or second place in the following classes will be offered the opportunity to attend the World Championships at their own cost:

• Open Men K1 
• Open Men K2
• Open Women K1 
• Open Women K2
• U23 Men K1 
• U23 Women K1
• Junior Men K1
• Junior Men k2
• Junior Women K1
• Junior Women K2

Masters (Men and Women) of each applicable category will carry no maximum numbers, there attendance is open. Master paddlers wishing to travel to Marathon Worlds or any other Pinnacle competition, will have to self-fund their costs. While there is no need to attend the 2017 Nationals, it is highly recommended.

A place in the team will be offered by the Chief Executive and notified via email to successful paddler, their affiliated Club (if available) and the Marathon Advisory Group.

4.2 Where an athlete offered a place in the Single race (K1) declines to accept, a place will be offered to the athlete who finished third in the same Class. No further athlete replacements will be made.

4.3 There are no provisions contained in this regulation for consideration of extenuating circumstances.

5. Consequences of Selection

5.1 Requirements:  All Athletes who are selected to the Team must:

a. by the date(s) specified by Canoe Racing NZ, pay Canoe Racing NZ the amount specified by Canoe Racing NZ to cover the expenses of sending the Athlete (which may include a portion of expenses to send a Team Manager and a Coach with the Team) to compete at the 2017 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships; 

b. agree to compete in the Event for which they have been selected to the Team on the basis on which they were selected, unless otherwise directed by Canoe Racing NZ. For example, if two Athletes are selected to race as a Crew for an Event, they must compete together unless otherwise directed by Canoe Racing NZ; and

c. train for the Event they have been selected to compete in, in accordance with any competition and training programmes specified by Canoe Racing NZ.

5.2 Suspension/Removal: Any member of the Team who does not continue to adhere to the requirements in clause 5.1 may, in the sole discretion of Canoe Racing NZ, be suspended or removed from the Team at any time. In addition, any Athlete may be suspended or removed from the Team if he or she:

a. breaches or fails to comply with this Regulation or the Athlete Agreement, or appears to have done so;

b. breaches or fails to comply with any of the following, or appears to have done so:

i. The ICF Statutes, ICF Competition Rules, or any other requirements of the ICF; or
ii. The Sports Anti-Doping Rules or the World Anti-Doping Code; or
iii. the Canoe Racing NZ Constitution, Canoe Racing NZ Regulations, or any other reasonable instruction or request of Canoe Racing NZ;

c. brings him/herself, another Athlete, the Team, Canoe Racing NZ, or the sport of Canoe Racing generally into disrepute; or

d. has a significant illness or injury which the Selectors consider prevents the Athlete from remaining in the Team.

5.3 Natural Justice: Canoe Racing NZ will comply with the principles of natural justice in making any decision to suspend or remove an athlete from the Team.

6. Appeals

6.1 Grounds: An Athlete may lodge an appeal against their non-selection (“Appellant”) to the Team in accordance with clause 6.2 (Process) of this Regulation on one or more of the following grounds (but no other grounds):

a. this Regulation has not been properly followed and/or implemented;

b. the Appellant was not afforded a reasonable opportunity to satisfy the requirements in this Regulation;

c. the decision not to select the Appellant was affected by actual bias; and/or

d. there was no material on which the selection decision could reasonably be based.

6.2 Process: Any appeal must be made as follows:

a. the Athlete must notify the Chief Executive of their wish to appeal the decision. This notification must be made in writing and received by the Chief Executive within 48 hours from the date the selection or non-selection was notified to the Athlete, or the Team was publicly announced (whichever is the earlier);

b. on receipt of such notice the Chief Executive shall, as soon as practicable, convene a confidential and “without prejudice” meeting between the Chief Executive (or his/her nominee) and the Athlete, and the Athlete’s authorised representative (if any). The purpose of this meeting is to explain the selection decision and see whether the matter can be resolved by agreement;

c. if the appeal is unresolved after the process in clause 6.2b is followed, or if a without prejudice meeting cannot be arranged, the Chief Executive will make a recommendation to the Board who will determine the appeal with such procedures as it sees fit but which shall comply with the principles of natural justice; and

d. there is no further right of appeal from any decision of the Board.

The application form and any queries should be directed to CEO Mark Weatherall:   mark.weatherall@canoeracing.org.nz 



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