Event Title
ICF 2018 Marathon World Series China
Start Date
Saturday, 22 September 2018
End Date
Monday, 24 September 2018
Shaoxing, China
Chinese Canoeing
Contact Number
Hou Shaoguag Tel+86 18511588679 E:120585610@qq.com
Entries close 20 August for the ICF 2018 Marathon World Series.
K1 Senior Men C1 Senior Men
K1 Senior Women C1 Senior Women
Normal Distanceļ¼š
K1 Men 8 laps, 7 portages (30 km)
C1 Men 7 laps, 6 portages (26 km)
K1 Women 7 laps, 6 portages (26 km)
C1 Women 5 laps, 4 portages (19 km)
Short Distance: 3 laps, 2 portages (3.4 km)

Full information on the ICF Marathon World Series can be found HERE



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