Waitemata's Kayak Krazy Race

Author -  Karen Simpson

Waitemata's Kayak Krazy Race

The weather couldn’t have been better for the 2nd race in the series with clear blue skies and no wind. 

There was a good turn out for the 10k race with 22 paddlers in total, 6 paddlers for the 6km race and the Coxhead sisters for the 2km race. 

Andrew Mowlem and Sam Mayhew took the lead off the start and held it for the entire race. It came down to a sprint finish at the end with Andrew taking the win by a boat length over Sam Mayhew.


Place Name Distance Time
6km - K2
1 Molly & Niamh Brittenden 6km 32:36.8
10km - Masters MK1
1 Vaughan Reed 10km 45:20.3
2 Simon McLaren 10km 47:08.5
3 Sean Murphy 10km 47:52.8
4 Chris Emmet 10km 49:06.6
5 Phil Exeter 10km 49:37.3
6 John McLaren 10km 53:09.3
7 Stephen Reece 10km 54:29.0
8 Dennis Dickey 10km 58:19.4
9 Marshall Hollister-Jones 10km 1:00:02.3
10 Kevin Sargent 10km 1:00:28.8
11 Thomas Mitchell 10km 1:01:52.2
12 Michael Lewis 10km 1:07:26.8
13 Terry Newsome 10km 1:28:28.3
- Couchie 6km DNF
10km - Masters WK1
1 Rosemary Gatland 10km 1:14:09.2
10km - Multisport M
1 Peter Lipscombe 10km 52:51.8
2 Michael Famularo 10km 1:01:31.7
3 Brenden Rolston 10km 1:28:35.8
6km - Multisport W
1 Erika Currie 6km 57:35.1
10km - Open MK1
1 Andrew Mowlem 10km 43:27.8
2 Sam Mayhew 10km 43:29.7
3 Phil Pirie 10km 46:16.4
4 Tuva'a Clifton 10km 47:09.1
5 Paul Hardy 10km 47:13.3
2/3km - Tyros
1 Amanda Coxhead 2/3km 23:36.2
2 Hayley Coxhead 2/3km 24:21.3
- Ben Edwards 2/3km DNS
- Jackson Donderwinkel 2/3km DNS
- Jacob Coneglan 2/3km DNS
- Jaden Collie 2/3km DNS
- Logan Ferguson 2/3km DNS
- Nathan Browne 2/3km DNS
6km - U16 MK1 6km
1 Archie Tonks 6km 29:27.5
2 Taine Slaughter 6km 32:21.9
3 Thomas Fritzen 6km 37:16.2
6km - U16 WK1 6km
1 Aotea Clifton 6km 32:18.2


Waitemata's Kayak Krazy Race

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