Kiwi kayakers pour on the pace at world champs

Author -  Karen Simpson

Kiwi women proving their worth at the World Champs in Milan

Kiwi kayakers pour on the pace at world champs

Kiwi women proving their worth at the World Champs in Milan
WK4 warmup.jpgThe New Zealand's women's K4 canoe racing team made a promising start to their world championship campaign tonight, finishing second in their heat and easily qualifying for tomorrow's semifinal in Milan.

Jaimee Lovett, Caitlin Ryan, Aimee Fisher and Kayla Imrie led for most of the 500m distance, with direct qualification for the A final at stake, before the Polish crew came through to snatch the win.

Poland, third at the world championships last year, finished in 1min 34.092secs, while New Zealand clocked 1:34.892 for the eight-fastest time overall. They'll need a top-10 ranking to qualify a boat for next year's Olympics and Ryan believes they are on track.
"We were feeling really strong before racing and we executed our individual and team race plans as they were set," Ryan said. "We've got a good sense of confidence and we feel strong so I think we've got the mental edge and it's all going really well."  Belarus (1:31.548) and Hungary (1:33.568) were the other two crews to qualify directly for Sunday night's A final.

2015 World Champs Lisa 200m heat.jpgEarlier, Lisa Carrington had cruised through her K1 200m heat, recording the fastest time of the 49 entrants with a 40.330sec effort. The defending world and Olympic champion remains on track for an historic double, having qualified for the K1 500m final as well.  "I’m just looking for some good performances, so hopefully I can reach my potential - that’s all I can hope for," Carrington said.

Tomorrow's racing sees Zac Franich and Darryl Fitzgerald race their K2 1000m C final, followed by Carrington's K1 500m A final, her K1 200m semifinal and the K4 women's semifinal.


Wednesday 19 August 2015

#Time MilanTime NZEventHSFCompetitorProgression/Result
28.1418.14MK1 200 KL3H2 L3Scott Martlew2nd in 44.186 to semi
MK1 200 KL3SF1-4Scott Martlew3rd in 43.688 to B final

Thursday 20 August 2015

#Time MilanTime NZEventHSFCompetitorProgression/Result
508.5418.54WK1 500H2 L5Lisa Carrington1st in 1.54.291to semi
589.4619.46MK1 1000H1 L8Marty McDowell6th in 3.40.005- out
8813.0723.07MK2 1000H5 L2Zac Franich/Darryl Fitzgerald6th in 3.25.729 to semi​
96-9915.42-16.001.42-2.00WK1 500S 1-4Lisa Carrington1st in1.49.407 to A final
12218.30-18.514.30-4.51MK2 1000S 1-4Zac Franich/Darryl Fitzgerald6th in 3.18.344 to C final

Friday 21 August 2015

#Time MilanTime NZEventHSFCompetitorProgression/Result
1258.3018.30WK1 200H1 L5Lisa Carrington1st in 40.330 to Semi
15611.3021.30WK4 500H2 L7Jaimee Lovett/Caitlin Ryan/Aimee Fisher/Kayla Imrie2nd in 1.34.892 to Semi
17614.4524.45MK1 200 KL3B FinalScott Martlew

Saturday 22 August 2015

#Time MilanTime NZEventHSFCompetitorProgression/Result
20510.0920.09MK2 1000C finalZac Franich/Darryl Fitzgerald
20810.3220.32WK1 500A finalLisa Carrington
217-22014.00-14.15midnight--0.15WK1 200S 1-4Lisa Carrington​1-2 + NBT to A
237-23815.58-16.051.58-2.05WK4 500S 1-2Jaimee Lovett/Caitlin Ryan/Aimee Fisher/Kayla Imrie​1-3 to A, 4-7 +NBT to B

 Sunday 23 August 2015

#Time MilanTime NZEventHSFCompetitorProgression/Result
2499.2719.27WK4 500B finalJaimee Lovett/Caitlin Ryan/Aimee Fisher/Kayla Imrie
25510.1020.10WK1 200A finalLisa Carrington
26111.0521.05WK4 500A finalJaimee Lovett/Caitlin Ryan/Aimee Fisher/Kayla Imrie

Kiwi kayakers pour on the pace at world champs

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