Kayak Krazy 10km Race - North Shore

Author -  Karen Simpson

Lake Pupuke took on 45 Krazy Kayak paddlers on Saturday for a leg of the Kayak Krazy 10km series, and kindly provided some calm waters.

Kayak Krazy 10km Race - North Shore

Lake Pupuke took on 45 Krazy Kayak paddlers on Saturday for a leg of the Kayak Krazy 10km series, and kindly provided some calm waters.

2014 NShore start.jpgLake Pupuke took on 45 Krazy Kayak paddlers on Saturday for a leg of the Kayak Krazy 10km series, and kindly provided some calm waters. The rain eased off improving the comfort for the heaps of spectators who turned out to watch their children, partners, grandchildren and parents take on the challenge. The highlights for North Shore was having 12 paddlers race their first ever kayak race and the great line up of tyros and U14 at the beginning of their separate courses. 

The competitive spirit was strong. Aotea Clifton and Ethan Tall took out the Tyros. U14 was won by Jemma Hopkins and Oscar Williams. The rest of the paddlers competed in a 2km lap course, and after a false mass start, they were off for real. We could hear the leading Open Men, Jasper Bats and Craig Simpkins, coming down the course. It was a 10km battle with Jasper taking the final edge 

beating Craig by 0.01 sec in a time of 45.53. 

2014 NShore time keep.jpg

The greatest battle was between the Cole siblings as they alternated the lead around the course, with Thomas eventually bringing his boat over the line ahead, having already won the U16 6km. I am sure the war is not yet over! Mum Cole (Alison) was racing too and was the first Masters Woman. Rebecca Cole, in a time of 48.19 won the Open Womens, Jordan McLarin and Rochelle Austin claimed firsts for the U18, Samalulu Clifton won the U16 and Vaughan Reed the Masters Men. Ski was won by Lance Smith. 

Over a hundred sausages, plus some home baking was then consumed. Patron Dennis Rae presented the well deserved ribbons. Great paddling everyone and thanks to all the families and friends that came out to support. Many thanks to Mark Lockwood who did a huge amount of organising for it all to run smoothly and the many other parents, partners, officials and senior paddlers that helped out. We look forward to the next one!


2014 NShore juniors.jpgRESULTS


Ethan Tall NS 1st17.35
George TimingsNS2nd18.06
Dexter BrickNS 3rd18.51
Wynton BrickNS 4th19.25
Zachariah Stewart       NS      5th19.26
Ryan GallieNS 6th19.55
 Joshua CrankshawNS 7th21.17
Daniel CrankshawNS 9th21.34
Aotea Clifton NS1st18.31 
Kate Wignell
NS 2nd 21.54 

U14 5km

Oscar Williams          NS       1st28.12
Jemma HopkinsNS1st32.22
Sydney Clifton


U16 6km

Thomas ColeWaitara1st28.50
Ashton Reiser NS2nd30.55
Hamish Marsden        NS3rd33.54
Samalulu CliftonNS1st32.08
Sarah Lockwood


U18 10km

Jordan McLarinNS1st48.03
Tuvaá CliftonNS2nd51.11
Rochelle Austin         NS           1st54.16


Open 10km

Jasper BatsNS1st45.53
Craig SimpkinsKarapiro2nd45.54
Sam RoyBOP 3rd46.35
Andrew Molem  4th 46.36 
Kalman Kiss NS 5th 46.51 
Daniel Peacocke       NS 6th 48.01 
Sam Manson Waitemata 7th 51.08 
Phillip DÁnvers NS 8th55.58 
Simon Robinson NS 9th 55.59 
Rebecca ColeNS1st48.19

Masters 10km

Vaughan ReedWaitemata1st49.06
Alan DaveyEastern2nd54.04
Richard Couchman    Waitemata3rd58.46
James DÁnversNS4th1.00.13
Bryce GibsonWaitemata5th1.03.31
Thomas MitchellNS6th1.08.06
Alison ColeWaitara1st1.02.10
Erika Currie Waitemata2nd1.11.16


Multi/Ski 10km 

Lance SmithWaitemata1st49.21
Derek StewartWaitemata2nd55.21
Mike BlandyNS3rd1.00.29
Michael Famularo NS4th1.03.19
Phil Exeter&Bruce StuartWaitemata1st48.45

Kayak Krazy 10km Race - North Shore

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