Junior & U23 World Champs Campaign

Author -  13/07/2014

Drama unfolded in the Junior Mens K1 1000m today when the comfortable leader at the 750 metre mark, Tomas Vesely (CZE), unexpectedly capsized leaving the door open for Peter Artuur to collect Belgium's first Junior World Championship gold. Denmark's Morten Graversen won silver and Pelayo Roza from Spain the bronze.

New Zealand's Kurtis Imrie

Junior & U23 World Champs Campaign

Drama unfolded in the Junior Mens K1 1000m today when the comfortable leader at the 750 metre mark, Tomas Vesely (CZE), unexpectedly capsized leaving the door open for Peter Artuur to collect Belgium's first Junior World Championship gold. Denmark's Morten Graversen won silver and Pelayo Roza from Spain the bronze. New Zealand's Kurtis Imrie


Sunday 20 July 2014

The final day of racing at the ICF Junior & U23 World Canoe Sprint Championships in Hungary saw the New Zealanders line up for four races - three C finals and one B final. 

Kayla Imrie's Womens K1 200m C final was a fast and tight race which she won by just 0.02 seconds ahead of Esti Van Tonder from South Africa.  Both the Mens and Womens K2 crews finished mid pack in their respective C and B finals and Jamie Banhidi placed 7th in his 200m C final sprint.

This wraps up the Junior World Championship campaign and the focus will now be on the senior World Championships to be held in Russia in August.

205: C final
U23 WK1 20010.30am
Kayla Imrie
1st in 44.106 
204: C finalU23 MK1 20010.25am8.25pmJamie Banhidi7th in 37.746 (+1.30)
206: C final
U23 MK2 20010.35am
William Wilkins
Ryan Quickenden
4th in 36.021 (+0.476)
217: B final
Jun WK2 5002.13pm
Britney Ford
Briar McLeely
5th in 1.56.717 (+1.90)


Saturday 19 July 2014

Drama unfolded in the Junior Mens K1 1000m  today when the comfortable leader at the 750 metre mark, Tomas Vesely (CZE), unexpectedly capsized leaving the door open for Peter Artuur to collect Belgium's first Junior World Championship gold. Denmark's Morten Graversen won silver and Pelayo Roza from Spain the bronze.

New Zealand's Kurtis Imrie had a great start to this race, ripping out of the start gates and maintaining middle pack throughout the 1000 metres.  He was unable to gain enough ground to close the gap on the leaders but in the last 250m the disaster that befell Vesely bumped Kurtis up from sixth to  fifth place in a time of 3.35.705. A great race for this promising young paddler!

No other New Zealand crew has managed to make an A final at this championship.  However the Junior Womens K2 crew of Britney Ford and Briar McLeely will race their B finals tomorrow, and Jamie Banhidi and Kayla Imrie will race the C final of the Mens then Womens U23 K1 200m along with the U23 Mens K2 crew of William Wilkins and Ryan Quickenden in the MK2 200m.

146: A finalJun MK1 10009.34am7.34pmKurtis Imrie 5th in 3:35.705 (+3.56)
150: B final
U23 MK2 100010.15am
Zac Quickenden
Jarrod Fitzgerald
9th in 3:21.162 (+5.816)
171-174:SemisU23 MK1 2004.00-4.15pm2.00-2.15amJamie Banhidi
7th in 36.859  (+2.46)  - Out 
175-178:SemisU23 WK1 2004.20-4.35pm2.20-2.35am Kayla Imrie
6th in 42.317 (+2.28)
Through to C final
187-189:SemisU23 MK2 2005.20-5.30pm3.20-3.30am William Wilkins
Ryan Quickenden
6th in 33.845 (+1.712)
Through to  C final


Friday 18 July 2014

The world's best young paddlers continued to stop the clock with impressively quick times as seven of the 17 categories contested reached their final stage after today's tight semifinals.  Conditions in Hungary are fairly quick at the moment, and some sharp times are being reached.

It was pleasing to see all of the New Zealanders paddling today reach their semis, two of those making B finals and three to race their semis tomorrow.  

Jamie Banhidi (U23 Mens K1 200m) and Kayla Imrie (U23 Womens K1 200m) both finished fifth  in their heats to put them into the semis on Saturday along with the U23 Mens K2 of William Wilkins and Ryan Quickenden.  Both the Junior Mens K4 (Quaid Thompson, Taris Harker, Toby Brooke, Kurtis Imrie) and the Junior Womens K2 (Briar McLeely and Britney Ford) narrowly missed an A final slot and will be contesting the B final.  

The U23 Mens K4 dipped out on a finals berth by one spot ending their champs hopes. Although it's hard to compare conditions it's interesting to reflect that the winning time for the Open Men's K4 at the 2012 Olympics was 2:55 ...  our U23 team at these Worlds paddled 2:58. So the bar is set pretty high and the fast conditions are providing some challenges of their own.

Racing the A final tomorrow in the Junior Mens K1 1000m is young Mana paddler Kurtis Imrie who kicks off at 9.34am (7.34pm NZ time). 

65: Heat 3Jun MK4 10009.14am7.14pmQuaid Thompson
Taris Harker
Toby Brooke
Kurtis Imrie
15th in 3:09.816 (+10.760)
Through to semi

76: Heat 1U23 MK4 100010.25am8.25pmBen Tinelly
Aiden Nossiter
Alex Fort
Max Brown
47th in 2:58:773 (+6.940)
Through to semi

80: Heat 3Jun WK2 50010.55am8.55pmBritney Ford
Briar McLeely
53rd in 1:50.295 (+5.112)
Through to semi

84-85:SemisJun MK4 100012.00-12.07pm10.00-10.07pmQuaid Thompson
Taris Harker
Toby Brooke
Kurtis Imrie
7th in 3:04.844 (+8.360)
Through to B final

93:SemiU23 MK4 10001.00pm11.00pmBen Tinelly
Aiden Nossiter
Alex Fort
Max Brown
7th in 2:59.393 (+4.108)

94-95:SemisJun WK2 5001.15-1.20pm11.15-11.20pmBritney Ford
Briar McLeely
6th in 1:50.402 (+6.736)
Through to B final
114: Heat 1U23 MK1 2004.20pm2.20amJamie Banhidi85th in 37.502 (+2.216)
Through to semi

119: Heat 1U23 WK1 2004.45pm2.45amKayla Imrie65th in 44.943 (+2.784)
Through to semi

135: Heat 1U23 MK2 2006.05pm4.05amWilliam Wilkins
Ryan Quickenden
16th in 34:657 (+2.412)
Through to semi


Thursday 17 July 2014

Many of the world’s best young paddlers began their journey to the top of the sport as the 2014 ICF Junior and U23 Canoe Sprint World Championship in Szeged, Hungary got underway in bright yet breezy conditions.

62 races across 10 categories were contested on the first day of action as the famous Szeged course, the home of Hungarian Canoe Sprint, again provided a truly world-class setting for spectators and competitors alike.

With the possibility of qualifying for the finals, which will be contested over the weekend, the action was fast and furious.

First New Zealander to reach the finals was Kurtis Imrie who placed third in both his heat and semi to squeak through into the A final.  Kurtis needed to secure a top 2 placing in his semi to cement his place in the A final and hung on to the number two spot right up to the 750m mark, just behind the local favourite Antal Vidakovich.  However in the last 250m Austria's Christoph Kornfeind put on a burst of speed to overtake them both and put Kurtis in the precarious position of third.  This required Kurtis' time to be the fastest third place, and after a tense wait  it was confirmed he beat out South Africa's Louis Hattingh by just 0.004 seconds! 

Zac Quickenden and Jarrod Fitzgerald were not so lucky in their semi of the Mens K2 1000m with their fourth placing qualifying them for the B final.  Their race saw them pretty much hold that fourth place throughout the duration of the race, with the top three places being fought out between Germany, Australia and Belgium, the former two securing the A final berths. 

The last race of the day was the Womens U23  K4, Lucy Johnson, Kayla Imrie, Kim Thompson and Danielle Currie, who had made the semi by placing sixth in their heat earlier in the day.  However sixth again in the semi wasn't enough to progress them through, and despite a personal best time this ended their World Champs hopes. 

More exciting racing tomorrow with the first kiwis up being the Junior Mens K4 ( Quaid Thompson, Taris Harker, Toby Brooke, Kurtis Imrie) in the 1000m at 9.14am (7.14pm NZ time). 


Race #EventTimeNZ TimeCompetitor(s)LaneProgression / Result
3:Heat 1Jun MK1 10009.15am7.15pmKurtis Imrie43rd in 3.46.455 (+5.572)
Through to semi
28: Heat 1U23 MK2 100012.10pm10.10pmZac Quickenden
Jarrod Fitzgerald
66th in 3.19.861 (+4.38)
Through to semi
35: Heat 2U23 WK4 50012.59pm10.59pmKim Thompson
Danielle Currie
Lucy Johnson
Kayla Imrie
86th in 1:37.292 (+5.352)
Through to semi

38-41:SemisJun MK1 10003.10 - 3.31pm1.10-1.31amKurtis Imrie3rd in 3.34.665 (+1.116)
Through to A final
57-59:SemisU23 MK2 10005.23 - 5.37pm3.23-3.37amJarrod Fitzgerald
Zac Quckenden
4th in 3.16.546 (+2.284)
Through to B Final
62:SemisU23 WK4 5006.05pm4.05amKim Thompson
Danielle Currie
Lucy Johnson
Kayla Imrie
6th in 1.37.139 ( +2.044)




14 July 2014

The Junior and U23 NZ canoe sprint team arrived in Hungary this week after leaving their training base in Racice, Czech Republic.  

They commence racing on Thursday with Kurtis Imrie, from Mana, Wellington, first up contesting the Junior Mens K1 1000m, followed by the U23 Mens K2 and U23 Womens K4.  

The full race schedule is now on the event website and the New Zealand draw is below.  This will be updated with results regularly - be sure to LIKE our Facebook page where we will post regular updates.  

Juniors -1.jpg  Junior team1.JPG 




13 June 2014

The Junior and U23 New Zealand canoe sprint team head off to commence their World Champs campaign on Sunday 15th June.   This team of young paddlers from all around New Zealand is lead by Coaches Leigh Barker and Gergerly Gyertyanos and Team Manager Alan Thompson.   

The Junior & U23 World Canoe Sprint Championship will be held at the National Watersports Centre in Szeged, Hungary from 17-20 July 2014. 

The squad has been put through a series of rigorous training camps in Rotorua in the build up to their departure but having this dedicated month training together in Europe will give them a much more concentrated training schedule and will cement their team boat combinations. 

Some members of this squad attended the Junior World Championships in Canada last year where the K2 combination of Kim  Thompson and Aimee Fisher claimed a bronze medal in the K2 500m.  Aimee has moved on to the senior divisions this year and combinations for all crews will be changing.  Kim will now focus on the U23 women’s K4 with team mates Danielle Currie, Lucy Johnson and Kayla Imrie.

At the Oceania Canoe Sprint Champs in Sydney last year, where the NZ team took a fantastic haul of eight medals, the most promising results came from Wellington paddler Kurtis Imrie who collected gold medals in both the U18 K1 200m and 1000m, as well as in the K4 1000m with Quaid Thompson, Taris Harker and Toby Brooke, followed by a silver in the K2 1000m with Taris Harker.

The depth of this young team augers well for the World Championships where we look forward to some exciting results.

Click here to view the World Champs Schedule.  

The Junior & U23 World Championship Website will post results and we will update regularly both on this website and our Facebook page.  So LIKE us to receive updates. 


NZ Team

U23 Men              U23 Women
Jamie Banhidi, North Shore, Auckland
Max Brown, Wanganui
Alex Fort, Arawa, Christchurch
Aiden Nossiter, Wanganui
Ben Tinelly, Poverty Bay
Ryan Quickenden, Arawa, Christchurch
William Wilkins, Hawkes Bay

Danielle Currie, Arawa, Christchurch
Lucy Johnson, Arawa, Christchurch
Kayla Imrie, North Shore, Auckland
Kim Thompson, Poverty Bay

Junior MenJunior Women
Kurtis Imrie, Mana, Wellington
Taris Harker, Bay of Plenty
Toby Brooke, Wanganui
Quaid Thompson, Poverty Bay
Briar McLeely, North Shore, Auckland
Britney Ford, Poverty Bay




Junior & U23 World Champs Campaign

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