ICF World Canoe Sprint Champs, Moscow

Gold and new world record for Lisa Carrington in the K1 200m.

ICF World Canoe Sprint Champs, Moscow

Gold and new world record for Lisa Carrington in the K1 200m.

Sunday 10 August

Gold for Lisa Carrington in the K1 200m at the World Champs... nearly a full boat length ahead of second placed Marta Walczykiewicz of Poland. Lisa lead throughout the race lengthening the gap steadily to win by almost a full second in a stunning time of 37.898 seconds and a new world record. 

Earlier she claimed a silver medal in the WK1 500m at the Canoe Sprint World Champs, 0.5seconds behind Hungarian Danuta Kozak.  After a difficult start for Lisa, the Hungarian took the lead and Lisa had to fight to catch up. For most of the race they then remained neck and neck before Danuta Kozak pulled out in the last 20m to take the Gold.

The Mens K4 placed 7th in their K4 1000m B final earlier this morning. 

Race#EventTime MoscowTime NZCompetitorProgression/ResultTime
205: B final

MK4 10008.37am


Darryl Fitzgerald
Martyn McDowell
Zac Quickenden
Jarrod Fitzgerald

214: A finalWK1 50010.03am6.03pmLisa Carrington2nd - SILVER MEDAL1:49.790
223: A finalWK1 20011.48am7.48pmLisa Carrington1st - GOLD MEDAL 37.898 

9 August 2014 - Day Four

Teneale WChamps podium 2.jpgWhat a day for Teneale Hatton ... World Champion and World Record holder in the WK1 1000m!

Teneale started the race strong, leading out the race from the get-go, but halfway through her competitors decided it was time to push past her. Teneale set a high pace in the early part of the race but being an experienced competitor she stuck to her race plan. The pace was high and so much so she set a PB at the 500m mark. At 200m to go she was in third spot but unleashed a huge effort to catch the other two and lunge them out on the line to win by just 0.05 of a second. In doing so all three broke the World record with Teneale claiming the win and the record.
“I am so stoked with the win and the time is an added bonus” said the smiling Hatton.

It was a moving moment for Teneale to see the Kiwi flag raised in Russia at her medal ceremony but she had to settle down and prepare for next challenge of the day, the 5000m.

The WK1 5000m was a tough race which took out two of the lead paddlers about midway through the race. Teneale was just off the lead pack for most of the race but hot on the heels of her World Record beating 1000m race, just didn't quite have the omph needed to crack the group and finished sixth, Louisa Sawyers from Great Britain winning the Gold. A great effort from a gutsy paddler! 

Lisa Carrington continued the trend of success from the Kiwi womens K1s, winning her semi final of the 200m and putting her through to the A Final in fine form posting a very fast 37.961. Tomorrow night (NZ Time) will see her contest both the K1 500 and K1 200. Scotty Bicknell finished 8th in his Semi of the K1200 in a time of 35.85. 

The Womens K4 B final of the 500m saw the NZ team take 5th place in  01:35.063 .

Saturday 9 August

Race#EventTime MoscowTime NZCompetitorProgression/ResultTime 
165: B final

WK4 5009.50am


Teneale Hatton
Aimee Fisher
Jaimee Lovett
Caitlin Ryan

179: A finalWK1 100012.14pm8.14pmTeneale Hatton1st - GOLD MEDAL3:49.423
180-183: 4 semisMK1 2002.30-2.45pm10.30-
Scott Bicknell8th - out35.85
187-190: 4 semisWK1 2003.05-3.20pm11.05-
Lisa Carrington1st - to A final37.961
202:Final (#44)WK1 50005.00pm1.00amTeneale Hatton6th23:28.863


8 August 2014 - Day Three

Team Manager Grant Restall reports"

"Today we had our first final with Scott Martlew in the Men’s LTA 200. Scott had a good start again and jumped out amongst the leaders but the field jumped ahead of him in the first 75m. Scott fought hard to come back at them but finished 8th.

The standard in the Paracanoe LTA section is very competitive driven by the inclusion of the event at the Rio Paralympics and rising rapidly with the gap from first to last reducing further.

We had our men’s K4 in action for the first time today in the heats and semi finals. Martyn McDowell, Darryl Fitzgerald, Zac Quickenden and Jarrod Fitzgerald all paddled well through the heats finishing 5th then into a tough semi final. The crew paddled a good race but finished 7th putting them into the B final on Sunday.

Lisa Carrington had three races today ... the 500m heats and semi’s plus her 200m heats. Lisa had two great 500m races in the heat and semi, winning both. The semi-final was an impressive race where Lisa jumped out into the lead using her 200m pace then went on to extend that lead and dominating the race winning by one and a half boat lengths. The time was a very fast time of 1:47.471 however it wasn’t the fastest with the German Franziska Weber achieving 0.8 faster. Both Lisa and the German were faster than the World Champion Hungarian Danuta Kozak who set a time of 1:49.501. This is setting things up for an epic battle on Sunday 10am (European time).

Lisa and Scott Bicknell contested the K1 200m races and both have made it through to the semi-finals without much stress, Lisa finishing first and Scott fourth. Scott says of his race "I had a fantastic start, nailing the first few strokes. This was great because we have been trying to get on top of starts during the week. However, I was not able to capitalise on the lead and didn't transition too well into the strong and powerful length we have been doing well in, resulting in a relatively slow time overall. Nonetheless, I couldn't ask for much better for the first hit out and it is a very positive start." 

Tomorrow both race their semis, along with both the mens and womens K4 crews racing B finals.  The real excitement tomorrow will be Teneale Hatton's A final in the K1 1000m and the 5000m.   

Times and places for each of today's races below. 

Friday 8 August 

Race#EventTime USSRTime NZCompetitorProgression/ResultTime 
85: Heat 3: Lane 5WK1 5009.20am5.20pmLisa Carrington1st - to semi.1:51.140
108: Heat 1: Lane 3MK4 100011.33am7.33pmDarryl Fitzgerald
Martyn McDowell   
Zac Quickenden
Jarrod Fitzgerald
5th - to semi3:01.658
113: A final
LTA K1 20012.40pm
Scott Martlew8th
115-118: 4 semisWK1 5002.20-
Lisa Carrington1st to A final1:47.471 
133-134: 2 semisMK4 10003.59-
Darryl Fitzgerald
Martyn McDowell
Zac Quickenden
Jarrod Fitzgerald
7th to B final3:00.860  
140: Heat 6, Lane 8MK1 2004.52pm12.52amScott Bicknell4th to semi 37.264
145: Heat 1, Lane 5WK1 2005.12pm1.12amLisa Carrington1st to semi 40.091

Results website

From Friday onwards you can see the action on the Livestream channel. 

7 August 2014 - Day Two

First up for the day were the heats of the Women’s K4 500m for Teneale Hatton, Caitlin Ryan, Aimee Fisher and Jaimee Lovett. They lined up in the more favoured heat and got off to a good start managing a fourth placing and securing a semi-final spot.

In the semi they raced a personal best time and finished in fifth meaning they go to the B Final on Saturday. The team is pleased with their efforts as this is their first ever World Champs and they have set two PB’s. In the heats they broke their PB which was set in the World Cups earlier in May then again in the semi-finals to finish with a 1:33.89. Team Manager Grant Restall says "This is a good sign for a team on the move. In their semi-finals, places third to sixth were only separated by 0.9 of a second so it means the team is close to the competitive end of the field."

Teneale Hatton also raced in the heats and semi-final of the WK1 1000m today. Because Teneale's priority is the K4 she raced the heats strategically, doing just enough to qualify for the semi-final and we suspect this is the only time Teneale has finished last in a race.

The semi-final was a different story as it was after the K4 race and Teneale was free to put her best foot forward, winning the race in strong fashion and showing her as a leading contender for the final on Saturday. Teneale not only had to battle the other competitors in the race but also faced a close lightning storm with thunder and lightning striking nearby throughout the race which delayed racing and made for some nerve wracking paddling.


Thursday 7 August


Race#EventTime MoscowTime NZCompetitorProgression/ResultTime
40: Heat 3: Lane 1WK4 5009.25am5.25pmTeneale Hatton
Aimee Fisher
Jaimee Lovett
Caitlin Ryan
3rd in 1:34.053, to semi1:34.053
57: Heat 1: Lane 8WK1 100011.32am7.32pmTeneale Hatton7th to semi4:09.825
65-66: 2 semisWK4 5003.40-3.45pm11.40-11.45pmTeneale Hatton
Aimee Fisher
Jaimee Lovett
Caitlin Ryan
5th to B final1:33.853
79-80: 2 semisWK1 10005.24-5.31pm1.24-1.31amTeneale Hatton1st to A final3:57.297

6 August 2014 - Day One

2014 WChamps Scott M-1.jpgToday marks the start of the ICF Canoe Sprint World Champs in Moscow, Russia.   The temperature has been around 30 degrees all week and the course has had a very consistent side tail wind that is strong enough to cause a little chop. 

Scott Martlew is first up for the Kiwis, paddling the LTA K1 200m.  

Team Manager Grant Restall reports: 

"Scott's heat placed him third in a slower than normal time of 42.096.  The German (last year's winner) won the heat in a quick time of 39.6.  Only the winner goes straight to final so Scott  moves through to the semi.  Scott had a fast start then the German and Brit blasted through the middle section and Scott matched their finishing pace.  

His semi final a few hours later saw him drawing the harder of the two semis.  However in his own words he "stepped up a gear and raced a good race" to secure himself an A final berth.  There is no margin for error in a 200m sprint and Scott showed improvement from start to finish easingout his neighbour Australian Brock Ingram to nab a place in the A final in a time of 41.709. 

Overall Scott's coach, Leigh Barker was happy with both races especially the starts but will work to control the stroke rate. 

With 73 countries and over 900 competitors there is a lot of excitement building.  It's nice to see countries like North Korea, Israel and Ukraine attending despite the troubles in their own countries.

This course is where Ian Ferguson and Alan Thompson attended their first Olympics in 1980. It is a nice course but has had a face lift since 1980! "

Looking forward to more Kiwi legends at this Champs.

See the action on the Livestream channel.

Note:  The schedule changed when the draw came out this week so use the new schedule below. 

Wednesday 6 August

Race# Event Time Moscow Time NZ Competitor Progression/Result Time 
14: Heat 1: Lane 6LTA K1 20011.40am7.40pmScott Martlew3rd in heat, through to semi 42.096
27-28: Semis 1-2LTA K1 2003.00-3.10pm11.00-11.10pmScott Martlew 3rd in semi, through to A final 41.709



29 July 2014

This year the Open ICF Canoe Sprint World Champs are being held in Moscow 6-10 August at the Krylatskoe Sport Palace which is 65km from the main airport and 45km from Red Square.

Moscow creates some new challenges for the New Zealand team as driving is limited, visa’s are required, the team will need to fly into the country from their training base and their boats will need to be freighted well ahead of time.

Moscow is well-known for its long winters and hot, humid summers (June to August). Indeed, some Moscow weather in winter could be regarded as extreme; daily low temperatures of -10ºC or lower. Summer temperatures average out at 23ºC, but Moscow commonly experiences a summer heat wave when temperatures can be much higher (35 – 38ºC ) and for longer periods.

The team is now in Russia after a good season's build up in Europe over the last few weeks. 

The Men’s K4 has been away the longest and have been training in Hungary and Czech Republic. The team stayed on in Europe after the World Cups and with some careful work by their coach Andras Szabo they have had some great opportunities to train with some of the top men’s K4 crews including the Hungarian and Serbian crews who finished 4th and 5th at last year’s World Champs.

Lisa Carrington was the next team member to travel to Europe and she and coach Gordon Walker have headed to Spain for a couple of weeks then on to Portugal. Lisa and Gordon are investigating places to spend their pre-Olympics training period prior to the Rio Olympics. The aim is to trial this year and if it doesn’t work for them they have 2015 for another trial, ensuring they have it right for 2016.

Scott Bicknell joined Lisa in Spain after his K2 partner Andrew Roy had to withdraw due to an injury. To ensure we continue to gain experience in the men’s 200m events Scott is now racing in the K1 event.

Para-canoer Scott Martlew and his Coach Leigh Barker spent some time in the Czech Republic training then headed to Portugal also.  Leigh Barker and fellow coach Andras Szabo also assisted with the coaching of the U23/U18 team while both have been in Czech Republic. 

The women’s K4 went straight to Portugal and were training at the Nelo training centre which is 150Km south of Porto where they were joined by some of the others. This is an amazing venue set up by boat manufacturer Nelo. The area has accommodation and meals subcontracted to the local hotel resort and Nelo have built a specialised Kayak gym.  They have coach boats, start gates and shower facilities. It really is a one stop shop on a beautiful lake on which you can paddle three hours in several directions.



ICF World Canoe Sprint Champs, Moscow

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