Almost game time

Author -  Karen Simpson

Almost game time

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Excitement is building for our Olympic canoe sprint team as their arrival in Rio is just six days away. 

The Opening Ceremony of the Olympics took place without our kayak team as they instead opted to keep their training plan intact and continue to train in their respective camps, mainly because once they arrive in Rio access to the flat water venue will be severely limited while the Rowing takes place. 

Lisa Carrington and Marty McDowell arrive at the Olympic Village on the 10th with coach Gordon Walker and the Womens K4, Jaimee Lovett, Caitlyn Ryan, Aimee Fisher and Kayla Imrie all arrive on the 12th with coach Rene Olsen.  

They decided against the fanfare in favour of a more structured and consistent build up in their training.  They'll have a few days to familarise themselves with the course before racing starts on the 15th with Lisa and Marty hitting out first.  The K4 doesn't race until the 19th. 

We send a massive amount of love and support from everyone back home and can't wait to see the team in action! 

More good news - Alison Harris will be officiating at the Rio Olympics so it will be great for our athletes to see a familiar face. A great achievement to be selected to officiate at this level event - well done to Ali. 


​Monday 15th August

Race No.Time RioTime NZ
Tues a.m.
9.38am12.38amWK1 200m HeatLisa Carrington
10.06am1.06amMK1 1000m HeatMarty McDowell
11.00am2.00amWK1 200m SemiLisa Carrington
11.14am2.14amMK1 1000m SemiMarty McDowell

Tuesday 16th August

Race No.Time RioTime NZ
Wed a.m.
9.47am12.47amWK1 200m A finalLisa Carrington
10.04am1.04amMK1 1000m B finalMarty McDowell
10.12am1.12amMK1 1000m A finalMarty McDowell

Wednesday 17th August

Race No.Time RioTime NZ
Thurs a.m.
9.50am12.50amWK1 500m Heat
Lisa Carrington
10.48am1.48amWK1 500m SemiLisa Carrington

Thursday 18th August

Race No.Time RioTime NZ
Fri a.m.
10.03am1.03amWK1 500m A final
Lisa Carrington

Friday 19th August

Race No.Time RioTime NZ
Sat a.m.
9.37am12.37amWK4 500m Heat
J Lovett, A Fisher, C Ryan, K Imrie
10.29am1.29amWK4 500mSemiJ Lovett, A Fisher, C Ryan, K Imrie

Saturday 20th August

Race No.Time RioTime NZ
Sun a.m.
9.32am12.32amWK4 500m A final
J Lovett, A Fisher, C Ryan, K Imrie



Almost game time

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