2019 Foundation, Paddle ID, Paddle to Podium Pathway Announcements

Canoe Racing New Zealand (CRNZ) Performance Pathway has a clear vision:

“Developing high performance kiwi canoe sprint athletes to win on the world stage.”

To achieve our vision, we must have in place a strong high-performance system with a clear athlete pathway. A structured athlete pathway enables us to identify, track and support athletes as they transition from club paddler to podium performer. The aim of the CRNZ High Performance Athlete Pathway is to ensure athletes are in the right environment, receiving the right support, at the right time, in order to maximise the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

The programmes will have a series of opportunities that give athletes the opportunity to develop and help prepare them to one day transition to the high performance programme. Athletes across the pathway will benefit from the provision of coaching expertise, training opportunities, performance support, athlete education, and exposure to high performance environments and practices.

The key competencies of the programme are focused around:
• Building and understanding the CRNZ Technical Competencies
• Team Boat Fundamentals
• Building fundamental movement patterns
• Understanding the basics of psychology, nutrition, athlete life

Further information on the CRNZ Performance Pathway can be found:

2019 Pathway Camps

PID/P2P – June 21-23rd HP Centre Karapiro
Foundation/PID – August 10th, Rotorua
Foundation/PID – September 30th, South Island Ruataniwha Rowing Centre, Twizel
PID/P2P – October 4-6th, HP Centre Karapiro
Foundation/PID – December 9th, Rotorua

The following athletes (bellow) have been selected for the following programmes. Additional athletes may enter the squads or progress within the pathway throughout the year. Additional athletes may also be invited into training camps throughout the year.
Coaches of athletes in each squad are encouraged to attend the training camps that their athletes are selected for.

Paddle to Podium (Pathway to Podium)

Olivia Brett - Arawa Canoe Club
Lucy Matehaere - Otago Kayak Racing Club
Hannah Baker - Waitara Kayak Club
Sam Ferkins - Poverty Bay Kayak Club

Paddle ID

Pieta Luthi - Arawa Canoe Club
Tilly Pritchard - Arawa Canoe Club
Jessica Nisbet - Arawa Canoe Club
Cass Heatherington - Arawa Canoe Club
Megan Cox - Mana Kayak Racing Club
Genna Robertson - Poverty Bay Kayak Club
Neve Sissons - Mana Kayak Racing Club
Julia Padrutt - Waitara Kayak Club
Jack Clifton - Whanganui Multisport & Triathlon Club
Fletcher Moles - Waitara Kayak Club
Robson Old - Waitara Kayak Club
Lucas Thompson - Whanganui Multisport & Triathlon Club
Jack Wilkinson - Hawkes Bay Kayak Racing Club
Kalani Gilbertson - North Shore Kayak Club
Thomas McGibbon - Arawa Canoe Club
Liam Walker - Arawa Canoe Club
Will Pittar - Poverty Bay Kayak Club

Foundation Squad

Madison Garrett - Arawa Canoe Club
Emma Brownlie - Poverty Bay Kayak Club
Brooke Cheyne - Hawkes Bay Kayak Racing Club
Molly Baker - Waitara Kayak Club
Scarlet Old - Waitara Kayak Club
Sophie Brooke - Whanganui Multisport & Triathlon Club
Aotea Clifton - North Shore Canoe Club
Seren Rogers - Poverty Bay Kayak Club
Claudia Rogers - Arawa Canoe Club
Stacey Warren-Moiser - Poverty Bay Kayak Club
Flynn McGuinness - Arawa Canoe Club
Liam Mcvicar - Mana Kayak Racing Club
Archie Tonks - Karapiro Kayak Racing club
Reuben Rorrison - Hawkes Bay Kayak Racing Club
Ethan Matuku - Waitara Kayak Club
Kristian Marshall - North Shore Canoe Club
Neo Stuart - Poverty Bay Kayak Club
Michael Esterhuizen - Eastern Bay Canoe Racing Club
Daniel Brown - Hawkes Bay Kayak Racing Club
Louis Wylaars - Arawa Canoe Club
Kaden Brock - Waitara Kayak Club
Alex Hickman - Arawa Canoe Club

Any queries can be directed to 

2019 Foundation, Paddle ID, Paddle to Podium Pathway Announcements

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