World Cup 2 NZ Race Schedule

Race Schedule for the NZ team.  This will be updated with results as they become available. 

Further information plus Live Stream can be found on the ICF Website

Live schedule and results updates can be found HERE

Friday 31 May

#RaceNZ TimeGer TimeCompetitorProgression/Result
22Men K1 1000 heats8.49pm10.49amQuaid Thompson5th in 3:47.055 - to semi
Women K2 500 heat 1
Women K2 500 heat 2
Alicia Hoskin, Britney Ford
Briar McLeely, Danielle Watson
6th in 1:47.108 - to semi
6th in 1:51.877 - to semi
Women K2 500 semi 1
Women K2 500 semi 3
1.12am3.12pmBriar McLeely, Danielle Watson
Alicia Hoskin, Britney Ford
8th in 1:51.869 - out
7th in 1:45.213 - out 
57-60Men K1 1000 semis1.30am3.30pmQuaid Thompson 9th in 3:42.975 - out 
84Men K2 1000 heats4.38am6.38pmMax Brown, Kurtis Imrie6th in 3:25.402 - to semi

Saturday 1 June

#RaceNZ TimeGer TimeCompetitorProgression/Result
132Men K2 1000 semis1.37am3.37pmMax Brown, Kurtis Imrie6th in 3:20.757 - to  B final
148Women K4 500 heat 13.24am5.24pmA Hoskin, B McLeely, D Watson, B Ford7th in 1:39.003 - to  Semi
153Men K4 500 heats 3.54am5.54pmA Reiser, H Legarth, Z Ferkins, B Duffy7th in 1:26.502 - to Semi

Sunday 2 June

#RaceNZ TimeGer TimeCompetitorProgression/Result
159Women K4 500 semis7.24pm9.24am A Hoskin, B McLeely, D Watson, B Ford
7th in 1:36.118 - to B Final 
162 Men K4 500 semis7.42pm9.42am A Reiser, H Legarth, Z Ferkins,B Duffy
7th in 1:23.810 - out
167Women K4 500 B final8.30pm10.30am A Hoskin, B McLeely, D Watson, B Ford
3rd in 1:34.377  
173Men K2 1000 B final9,06pm11.06amMax Brown, Kurtis Imrie8th in 3:14.412
196 Men K1 5km Final3.20am5.20pmQuaid Thompson  21st in 21:07.327


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