World Cup 1 NZ Timetable & Results

World Cup 1 NZ Timetable & Results

Race schedule for the New Zealand team at World Cup 1 in Szeged, 18-20 May.

WC1 Results Page 

NOTE:  NBT = Next Best Time,   H1 = Heat 1 etc,  AF = A Final,  BF = B Final,  CF = C Final


Time NZProgression/Result
2: H2M KL2 200Scott Martlew8.07am6.07pm1st in 43.136 To Final


Time NZProgression/Result 
22: H1 WK1 500Rebecca Cole8.37am6.37pm 5th in 1:58.894 to Semi
23: H2WK1 500Caitlyn Ryan8.43am6.43pm 1st in 1:55.551 to Semi
34: H1 WK1 1000Danielle Watson9.53am7.53pm 7th in 4:21.899 to Semi
45: H1WK2 500Aimee Fisher & Caitlyn Ryan11.15am9.15pm 2nd in 1:45.241 to Semi
46: H2 WK2 500Lisa Carrington & Kayla Imrie11.21am9.21pm  1st in 1:42.868 to Final
56: AFMKL2 200Scott Martlew12.24pm10.24pm2nd in 41.501 SILVER
64: S WK1 1000Danielle Watson  3.12pm 1.12am 5th in 4:05.123 to BF.
72: BFWK1 1000Danielle Watson 4.07pm 2.07am 2nd in 4:15.407 
80: S  WK2 500Aimee Fisher & Caitlyn Ryan6.24pm 4.24am4th in 1:44.449 to BF 


Time NZProgression/Result
89: H2WK2 200Lisa Carrington & Aimee Fisher8.10am6.10pm1st in 37.005 to Final
91: H1WC1 200Mia Friend Chung8.20am6.20pm5th in 49.051 to Semi
97: S
WK1 500Caitlin Ryan
Rebecca Cole
9.02am7.02pm1st in 1:48.853 to AF
5th in 1:48.853 to BF    
111: FM VL3  200Scott Martlew 11.10am 9.10pm5th in 50.614
114: BFWK1 500Rebecca Cole 11.38am9.38pm5th in 1:53.064
118: AF WK1 500Caitlin Ryan12.19pm10.19pm1st in 1:46.576 GOLD 
123: AFWK2 500 Lisa Carrington & Kayla Imrie1.19pm11.19pm1st in 1:39.018 GOLD
138: H2WK1 200Kim Thompson4.15pm 2.15am 6th in 45.085 to Semi  
141: H5WK1 200Britney Ford
4.30pm 2.30am  7th in 44.156 to Semi   
147: H3WC1 500Mia Friend Chung5.02pm3.02am6th in 2:37.726 to Semi
152: H1 WK4 500K Thompson, B Ford, R Cole, D Watson5.32pm3.32am6th in 1:36.780 to Semi   
153: H2 WK4 500L Carrington, K Imrie, A Fisher, C Ryan5.38pm3.38am1st in 1:31.232  to Final


Time NZProgression/Result
WK1 200Kim Thompson
Britney Ford
8.20am6.20pm 8th in 42.995
8th in 43.423
174 S WC1 200Mia Friend Chung8.50am6.50pm 6th in 49.880
WK4 500 K Thompson, B Ford, R Cole, D Watson
9.42am 7.42pm 6th in 1.37.588 to BF
WC1 500Mia Friend Chung 10.12am8.12pm 9th in 2:34.365 
192: CFWC1 200 Mia Friend Chung  11.05am9.05pm3rd in 49.123 
199: AFWK2 200Lisa Carrington & Aimee Fisher12.10pm10.10pm1st in 35.935 GOLD
203: AFWK4 500L Carrington, K Imrie, A Fisher, C Ryan 12.54pm10.54pm1st in 1:29.433  GOLD 
207: BFWK4 500 K Thompson, B Ford, R Cole, D Watson  1.39pm11.39pm3rd in 1:323605




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