Notice of Special General Meeting

Attention Member Clubs, Associate Members and Life Members

According to Rule 16.7 and 16.8 of the CRNZ Constitution (“Constitution”), I am writing to call a Special General Meeting for Monday 14 May at 7pm by teleconference (Rule 16.15 provides for meetings to be held “using technology,” including teleconference).

Purposes of the meeting, and proposed motions

The purposes of the meeting are as follows:
1.To elect a new Board Member pursuant to Rule 14.5 of the Constitution (explanation follows below); and
2. To vote on a number of administrative amendments to the Constitution, including:
1. Removal of Rule 5.1;
2. Changing Rule 7.1 (election of Life Members) to reflect the current process that Life Members are elected by the Board;
3. Removing the phrase “Except for the inaugural Board (Rule 14.7)” in Rule 14.2;
4. Removal of Rule 14.4e;
5. Removing the phrase “Except for the inaugural Board in the period described in Rule 14.7a” from Rule 14.4;
6. Removal of Rule 14.7 and renumbering subsequent clauses;
7. Removing the phrase “Subject to Rule 14.7 (Inaugural Board)” in Rules 14.8 and 14.14;
8. Removal of reference to the Inaugural Board in Rule 14.18;
9. Changing Rule 18.1 to provide for CRNZ Rules, which are adapted from the ICF Rules;
10. Adding definitions to the Interpretation provisions in Rule 26:
1. “Judicial Committee”;
2. Adding 200m to the list of events in Flatwater Racing;
3. Changing “SPARC” to SportNZ;
3. To vote on a change to the definition of “Appointed Official” in Rule 26.1, namely to remove the positions of “national manager” and “member of a Canoe Racing NZ sub-committee” from that definition (explanation follows below); and
4. To debate and vote on a change to Rule 14.8, which prevents Board Members from holding office for more than two consecutive terms (discussed below).

A marked-up Constitution showing the proposed amendments, as well as final wording of the Board’s proposed motions, will be circulated to the Board, Member Clubs, Associate Members and Life Members on 7 May. Details of the teleconference, including the dial-in and PIN numbers, will be included in the same correspondence.

Member Clubs must please notify CRNZ of their chosen Delegates (see Rules 16.13 and 26.1) no later than 7 May 2018.

Explanation of proposed motions

Election of new Board Member

The election of new Board Members is governed by Rule 14.5. That Rule requires the following:
• The CE must advise Member Clubs of the number of vacant Elected Board Member positions at least 90 days prior to the SGM (that notice was given by Mark Weatherall, the previous CE, by email dated xx);
• Nominations must be made by Member Clubs and must be in the approved form set out in the Regulations. They must be received at CRNZ’s registered office no later than 23 April 2018;
• The CE must refer nominations to the Board Appointments Panel, which must undertake its responsibilities and notify the CE of the recommended nominee no later than 4 May 2018;
• The CE must notify the Member Clubs of the Panel’s recommended nominee, as well as any other valid nominations received; no later than 7 May 2018.
• The process for voting is set out in Rule 14.5(g).

Proposed changes to the definition of Appointed Official in Rule 26.1

Rules 14.4(c) and 14.5(c) set out that "Applicants for positions as Appointed/Elected Board Members may not hold a position as an appointed official or be an employee of Canoe Racing NZ. If, they do hold such a position at the time of application they shall to resign from such position if subsequently appointed as a Board Member.”

“Appointed Official” is defined in Rule 26.1 to mean “a national coach, national selector, national manager, or member of a CRNZ sub-committee.” The Board proposes to remove “national manager” and “member of a CRNZ sub-committee” from the definition.

The Board considers that it is unnecessary and undesirable to prohibit Board Members from acting as national manager or members of CRNZ sub-committees. Sub-committees are, in practice, regularly constituted by Board Members, and the role of national manager is an important administrative position at international events which, in our small sport, is sometimes difficult to fill. Maree Burnett has been asked by the Women’s High Performance Team to act as their manager at World Cups and World Championships in 2018, following on from her excellent work as team manager in 2017 (when she was not a Board Member and therefore not in breach of the Constitution).

The two-term limit for Board Members in Rule 14.8

The Constitution currently prohibits Board Members from holding office for more than two consecutive terms of 3 years. The Board would like to ask the Membership for its views on this provision. There are competing arguments for its continued applicability, which can be summarised as follows:
• On one hand, limiting Board Members to a maximum of 6 consecutive years in office prevents individuals from having a disproportionate influence on CRNZ’s activity over a long period of time; however
• On the other hand, canoe racing is a small sport, and it can be difficult to find volunteers willing to devote the significant amounts of time and energy necessary to contribute to CRNZ’s governance as a Board Member.

Timeline of actions under this Notice

13 April - Email sent by CRNZ notifying membership of SGM on 14 May 2018
23 April - Deadline for nominations for vacant Elected Board Member position by Member Clubs
4 May - Deadline for Board Appointments Panel to advise CE of its recommended nominee
7 May - Deadline for CE to notify Member Clubs of Board Appointment Panel’s recommended nominee
7 May - CRNZ to circulate marked-up Constitution showing proposed changes, plus final wording of proposed motions
14 May - Special General Meeting (7pm by teleconference).

Nominations can be sent to

We look forward to receiving Clubs’ nominations, and to discussion of the above matters at the SGM.

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