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Draft 2012 High Performance Training Camps Calendar – All Squads


The purpose of Canoe Racing NZ’s High Performance Planning for U23 and U18 athletes is to develop athletes in line with the Canoe Sprint High Performance Pathway for the 2016 and 2020 Olympics.

Athletes pathways into High Performance can start at any level but ideally core values, good technical skills, training discipline coupled with a sound physiological training programme should start when an athlete is a Junior.

Canoe Racing NZ is currently drafting the Canoe Sprint High Performance Plan for the next two Olympiads ie until 2020. During this process we will be starting to apply some of the principles that are being developed. To that end we are trialling a “Junior Train On Squad” in 2012.

Junior Train On Squad 

The “Junior Train On Squad” are the next generation of U18 athletes ie U16 paddlers who have not been selected for the 2012 Europe Campaign but have shown promise. These athletes will be invited to join U23/U18 training camps in June and August 2012 as an introduction to the high performance environment.

Some athletes have already been noticed however there is now an opportunity for your club to bring to the attention of the Programme Leader Alan Thompson any athletes in your club that you believe should be included.

The current "Junior Train on Squad" invitee's are as follows:-

Max Brown,
Taris Harker
Ben Cochrane
Kurtis Imrie
Sam Roy
Lachie Cromar

Britney Ford
Courtney Hoskins
Brownwyn Larsen
Elise Legarth
Jessica Blair

Please contact Alan Thompson by email if you have athletes in your club that have shown the talent and promise to be included in the “Junior Train on Squad”.

Draft 2012 High Performance Training Camps Calendar – All Squads 

There will shortly be a full list of training camps put out but please keep the following free as a tentative guide-

Date Location Required to Attend Invitees 

June 8th-10th Blue Lake Junior Team(8)
U23 Men’s Team(4)
U23 Women’s squad(5) Junior Train on Squad-

Note 1
August 17th-19th:  Blue Lake - U23 Women’s Squad(6) Junior Train on Squad
Sept 10-11th:  Blue Lake, follows 10k Champs - New Open/U23 & Para combined squads (25 max)

Note 2
Oct 10th-12th: (In holidays) Blue Lake, before BL1 - New Junior Squad (16)

Note 3
Oct 15-17th:   Blue Lake, follows BL1 -  Open/U23 & Para combined squads (25)

Dec 10-14th:  Blue Lake, follows BL2 -  Open,U23,Para plus New Junior Squad
March 2013:  All Squads re selected

Note 1: Pick up next generation of juniors based mainly on U16’s from 2012
Note 2: If Open and U23 are combined it may still have a dedicated U23 group inside this squad for possible teams etc
Note 3: This is a ‘newly selected squad’ post European tour 2012 looking to 2013 and beyond and can be added to at anytime by the coaches in consultation with the Programme Manager.


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