Sports and Recognition Awards

The Sports and Recognition Awards held in Rotorua celebrated the success of paddlers and volunteers during the 2015-16 season from October 2015 to September 2016.  This year held some exciting highlights with a 6-strong team competing at the Olympics, our K4 womens crew making the Finals and of course Lisa Carrington winning Gold and Bronze in her events.  

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L-R: Glenn Muirhead, Brett Leask (Arawa), Kayla Imrie, Alicia Hoskin, Caitlin Ryan, Aimee Fisher, Jaimee Lovett, Matt Warren, Stu Clark (Arawa), Greg Adlam


Canoe Sprint Athlete of the Year      
Junior Athlete of the Year
Surf Ski Athlete of the Year
Marathon Athlete of the Year
Masters Athlete of the Year
Coach of the Year
Official of the Year
Volunteer of the Year
Club of the Year
Lisa Carrington, Eastern Bay
Alicia Hoskin, Poverty Bay
Teneale Hatton, North Shore
Jodan McLarin, Poverty Bay
Glenn Muirhead, Mana
Paul Fidow, Arawa
Matt Warren, Mana
Greg Adlam, Mana


Lisa Carrington
Gordon Walker
Rene Olsen
Jaimee Lovett
Kayla Imrie
Aimee Fisher
Caitlin Ryan
Marty McDowell
Scott Martlew
Leigh Barker                    
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John Trotter, Mana
Gavin Elmiger, North Shore

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Lisa Carrington     (absent due to prior commitment)
Gordon Walker     (absent due to prior commitment)

Also awarded International Officiating Pins for 2016:  

John Trotter
Terry Newsome
Karen Simpson-Warren
Matt Warren
Alison Harris




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