There are a number of places you can apply for funding. The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is very useful for the following types of funding.

1. Gaming machine funding
2. Lotteries Grants
3. Community Grants Schemes

A good resource for finding funding organisations is on the Sport NZ website

Gaming machine funding
This is the most common place to get grants from. To see who you are eligible to apply to in your local area refer to the DIA Website.  You will also find contact details for the Trusts in your area that you can apply to. 

Lotteries grants

Information on lotteries grants can be found on the Community Matters website

Community grants schemes

To search for community grants schemes use the Sport NZ website

Documentation checklist

Most funders will require certain documentation to accompany your applications. I encourage you to set up a folder containing copies of the following documents, if they apply to you. Keeping copies of these handy for each time you apply will make your job much easier.
•  Letter of affiliation from CRNZ
•  Certificate of Incorporation
•  Charities Commission Registration OR IRD Tax Exemption letter
•  Bank deposit slip (must be an original not a photocopy)
  Annual financial accounts
 List of your current committee members and their roles
 Your club constitution

Each trust is different so make sure you run through the checklist they provide. 

GST: If you are NOT registered for GST be sure to tick the appropriate boxes on the application form and when you show the amount you require for funding make sure you include the GST! 

Incorporated Society/Charity

If you wish to be registered as an Incorporated society go to the Societies website. If you then wish to register as a charity go to the Charities website.  

Accountability (audits)

It is imperative that you send in appropriate documentation once you have spent the donation. Each funder will have certain criteria so be sure to check their requirements. In any case, send out a thank you letter and acknowledgement of the grant with any other documentation required. This is usually invoice/receipt, bank statement showing both the amount deposited and the amount withdrawn (payment for the equipment/service).   Failure to comply could result in a request for return of the money. 


  • Audits generally need to be completed within 3 months of grant approval.  If you cannot make this deadline contact the Funder to discuss your options. 
  • Any unspent money must be returned to the Funder.
  • You should only purchase from one of the suppliers you have named in your application.  However, if this changes it is fine to go back to the Funder and discuss with them your wish to change to another supplier.  Do this before you commit to the new supplier. 
  • Be careful to buy the correct items per your application.  For example, you may have applied for kayaks.  This will not include paddles.  If you wish to apply for kayaks and paddles you will need to submit an application, along with quotes, for the paddles as well. 
  • Do not spend the money before it is in your bank account!  This will be deemed a "retrospective" application and you will be required to return the money to the Funder. 

Example of funding resolution

All funding applications require a resolution from the club committee to apply for funding.  Below is an example of a standard committee resolution.


It was resolved by the committee of XYZ Club on date to apply to ABC Foundation for funding of two new K1 kayaks to the amount of $4567.00 (exclusive of GST).

Signed (Position) ______________________________      Date _____________________________________

(Affix seal if you have one)


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